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                                                                College of Intensive Chinese Studies

Happy BeijingParent-Child Summer Camp
I.    Class Time
Jul. 30-Aug. 19, 2015 (Deadline for sign-up: Jul. 3, 2015)
II. Prospects
1. 12-18 year-old children and their parents;
2. Children over 16 can participate without parents
III. Highlights of the Program
This program will offer you a chance to visit China and to get to know China, making it possible that you discern Chinese cultural elements, and to experience all aspects of China: its language, culture, history, trends, dietary custom, clothing, martial arts, etc. so as to expand your horizon and to increase your knowledge. You will perceive the unique charm of the Oriental culture and enhance the emotional communications with your children while learning Chinese language.
Highlights of this camp
——Students’ demand oriented
——Professional and efficient teaching
——Warm and friendly atmosphere
——Rich and colorful extracurricular activities
——Comfortable and safe living accommodation
——Teaching assistants will come and help when you meet problems so that a successful and comfortable study tour is ensured.
IV.  Major Activities of the Camp
You will have a theme-based and task-based practical Chinese language learning program and you will experience Chinese Culture in the activities like paper cutting, painting, making jiaozi, traditional Chinese tea art, martial arts, etc. so that you can learn Chinese language in experiencing Chinese culture and combine language learning and cultural experience. The featured restaurants like The Quanjude Roasted Duck Restaurant, Haidilao Hot Pot, Golden Tripod Attic, The Dumpling Garden etc. will enable you to taste authentic Chinese food. Such scenic spots and historic sites as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, etc. will help you to feel the long history and profound culture of China, and to appreciate China’s splendid civilization of 5000 years.
V.  Fee Summary: 17,120 Yuan (exclusive of accommodation) (for one parent and one child)
Adult:9,060 Yuan (exclusive of accommodation)
Child:8,060 Yuan (exclusive of accommodation)
Fees will cover: courses,entry to tourist sites, transportation to and from tourist sites, meals (weekend food excluded).

Fees will not cover: visa, personal expenditure, communications, insurance, etc.
VI.  Requirement and Minimum of the Class
 Each class needs to have at least 15 students.