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Main Courses

Chinese Language Skills

Business Chinese

Bilingual Studies and Translation

International Chinese Education

Comprehensive Chinese

Economy and Trade Discussion

English-Chinese Translation

Teaching Principles and Practice

Chinese Listening

Commercial Conversation and Communication

Korean-Chinese Interpretation and Translation

Teaching Chinese Phonetics,

Vocabulary & Grammar

Chinese Speaking

Practical Business Writing

Korean-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation

China’s Regional Culture


Chinese Reading

International Trade Practices

Japanese-Chinese Interpretation and Translation

Commentary Chinese Topics

Chinese Writing

China’s Foreign Trade


Russian-Chinese Translation

Chinese Culture Experience

Proper Chinese Pronunciation

Introduction to World Economy

Advanced Comprehensive English

History of Chinese and Foreign Cultural Exchanges

Reading and Writing Chinese Characters

Principles of Micro(macro)economics

English Listening and Speaking

General Introduction to China

Fundamentals of Newspaper Chinese

China’s current Economy

Advanced Comprehensive Japanese

Chinese Folk Customs

News Listening Comprehension

Economic Investigation and Research

Japanese Listening and Speaking

Chinese History and Civilization