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Doctoral programs

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Field of Study
Criticism History and Cultural Studies
Confucianism and Traditional Chinese Aesthetical Culture
Language Policy and National Language Strategy
Sociolinguistics and Language Use
TCFL and Chinese Grammar Studies
TCFL and Chinese Lexical Studies
Business Chinese Teaching and Studies
Study of Acquisition of Chinese as a Second Language
Language Information Processing
Chinese Cognition and Learning
Language Development and Language Disorders
Experimental Linguistics
Studies of Chinese Prosody-Syntax
Grammaticalization Theory and Chinese Syntax
Comparative Studies of Languages
Chinese Phonology and Pronunciation History
Chinese Dialectology
Ancient Chinese Characters and Lexical History
Chinese Exegetics and Historical Lexicology
Chinese Palaeography
Chinese Grammar History
Chinese Syntax
Chinese Syntax and Semantics
Study of Language in Unearthed Textual Documents
Ancient Chinese Linguistics Documents
Chinese Poetics and Poetic Art in Wei, Jin, Tang and Song Dynasties
Literature and Textual Documents in Pre-Qin, Han, Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties
Ancient Chinese Literature and Aesthetical Culture
Chinese Literature in Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties
Chinese Literature in Ming and Qing Dynasties
Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Gender Culture
Contemporary Chinese Literature
Bilingual Education for Chinese Ethnic Groups
Comparative Aesthetics and Cross-Cultural Studies
Eastern Asian Literature Relation and China Studies
Eastern and Western Cultural Theories and Religious Studies
Western Literature Classics and Comparative Literature
British and American Literature
Translation: Theory and Practice
Asian and African Languages and Literature
Japanese Literature and Culture
Arabic Language and Culture
Comparative Linguistics and Korean Lexical Studies
Comparative Studies of English and Chinese
Syntax-Semantics Theory