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Long-term courses

Long-term Chinese Language Programs

(1-2 years) 

Training objectives: We are dedicated to improve our students’ communicative skills in Chinese  and offer them an access to a better knowledge of Chinese history, culture and society so that our students may have a strong language ability, an enlarged cultural horrizon and can think clearly and critically.

Excellent faculty: Our excellent teaching faculty have solid professional skills, rich teaching experience, flexible and advanced teaching methods and great teaching effectiveness. Every year, more than 1200 students from above 100 countries  come and study in our long-term Chinese language programs.

Outstanding Features: we put more emphasis on students’ performances in class. We would like to inspire our students to take part in every activity they are curious about in class and let them learn Chinese language and cultural knowledge through their active participation in the students-centered activities.

What’s more? We not only offer our students more than 60 optional courses, but also make it available for them to select cross-level classes with their own interest and need. Students at different levels can select the elementary、intermediate and advanced courses with great flexibility. Moreover, we would like to mention that in order to foster every student into an all-round development talent, we also provide our students with a large amount of after-class activities, such as language practice, study tours, talent show and Chinese knowledge competition, which will be the best arena for them to put their knowledge into practice.

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