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College of Intensive Chinese Studies
“Business Chinese” Program
China's economy has developed rapidly, and China's trade partners exist all over the world. Do you want to understand China's economic and trade situation? Do you want to speak Chinese fluently when doing business? Welcome to our “Business Chinese” program!
Here you can not only improve your Chinese, but also see all sides of such things as the Chinese commercial environment, business etiquette, social culture, economic policy, etc. At the end of the program, you will have an all-round improvement in business practices in the Chinese environment which includes the practical skills in job hunting, job interview, office communication, business negotiation etc. and this will lay a solid foundation for you to engage in trade activities related with China.
This program will include lots of interesting simulated business activities that are next to real ones. It will organize genuine business practices, like doing research on China's well-known enterprises. It will also invite well-known professors to give lectures on Chinese economy.
Program Name: Business Chinese (Elementary)
Course design: Elementary Chinese, Audio-Visual & Speaking Business Chinese, Practical Basic Reading and Writing, Business Practice, Chinese Cultural Experience.
Teaching Hours: 20 teaching periods per week, 8:00 ~ 12:00, Monday ~ Friday
The minimum class size: 16 students. If there are fewer than 16 students, they can be transferred to other Chinese learning classes.