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College of Intensive Chinese Studies
New HSK Level 4-6 Intensive Training Class
Do you want to take part in the New HSK test? Do you want to do well in the test? Do you want to improve your Chinese rapidly? Please come to our “New HSK Level 4-6 Intensive Training Class”! You will be sure to feel satisfied with what you will get.
Here you can find teachers, who have been doing research on or teaching HSK for a long time. You can find that our college, CICS, has accumulated a lot of experience and well-designed systematic curriculums from many HSK electives. Based on the contents of the new HSK Level 4-6, this curriculum aims to give you specific and scientific individual item drilling or comprehensive drilling with the best textbooks which are specially designed for the purpose of HSK. It will give you a great deal of mock exam exercises, you will get familiar with all types of test questions, master the strategies for tackling these questions, improve your abilities and skills to take exams, overcome your weak points in learning, and finally get the HSK diploma and improve your Chinese in an all-round way.
Teaching Hours: 20 teaching periods per week, 8:00 ~ 12:00, Monday ~ Friday
The minimum class size: 16 students. If there are fewer than 16 students, they can be transferred to other Chinese learning classes.