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Details of Majors

International Affairs and International Relations

1.   Program NameProgram Code):International Affairs and International Relations030204M

2.   Department: Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

3.   Duration: 4 yrs

4. Aim and Scale:

This program aims to cultivate international students who are proficient in their major, fluent in Chinese, knowledgeable about China and other foreign countries, so as to serve the overall situation of the reunification and prosperity of the motherland and the friendship between China and foreign countries.Students should master the basic stand, views and methods of Marxism, especially Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.Both Chinese and foreign students should master the theoretical basis of international relations, understand the historical process of world civilization and the current situation of diverse civilizations, and have a macro grasp of global and regional processes, global governance and international public policies.Both Chinese and foreign students should have the basic ability to analyze and solve problems with their professional knowledge, and the ability to observe and analyze the network, structure, dynamics and trends of contemporary global affairs from a global perspective.Students shall have the basic theory and knowledge of modern communication, master the basic skills of cultural communication and intercultural communication abilityand have a strong sense of innovation and creative thinking;Master computer and network application technology.  

5.   Program Structure:

(I) Course credits: 151 credits;Among them, 35 credits are compulsory public courses, 12 credits are general courses, 32 credits are compulsory foreign language courses; 45 are professional compulsory courses, 26 credits are professional elective courses;

(2) Total class hours: 2659 class hours;

(3) Total weeks of teaching: 127 weeks;

(4) Graduation thesis: 7 weeks, 4 credits;

(5) Graduation thesis schedule: from the end of semester 7 to the end of May of semester 8.

6.  Requirements for graduation:

Students who have been formally admitted to the universityand have obtained corresponding credits, completed professional practice, and on schedule to attend the graduation thesis or other form of graduation works, tested and approved by the department on comprehensive appraisal to the students in our school graduation requirements, are allowed to graduate.