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International Economics and Trade

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1. Program Name(Program Code): International Economics and Trade020401

2. Department:Business School

3. Duration: 4 yrs

4. Aim and Scale:

The program of international economics and trade aims to cultivate students who practice the core values of socialism, have good ideological and moral qualities, master the basic knowledge, basic theories and methods of economics and economics and trade, be familiar with the international rules of trade and commerce, understand and grasp the operation mechanism and development rules of domestic and foreign economy and trade, use a foreign language skillfully, use modern information technology skillfully, have good communication They should have good communication, coordination ability and innovation and entrepreneurship, and be applied, compound and innovative talents with global vision and a complete knowledge system to meet the needs of China's modernization.

5. Program Structure:

(I) Course credits: 154 credits;Among them, 36 credits are compulsory public courses, 12 credits are general courses, 32 credits are compulsory foreign language courses; 40 are professional basic courses, 13 credits are professional compulsory courses, 22 credits are professional elective courses;Total credits for graduation: 162 credits, including 154 credits of courses, 2 credits of social practice, 2 credits of professional and graduation internship, and 4 credits of thesis.

(2) Total class hours: 2669 class hours;

(3) Total weeks of teaching: 127 weeks; (16 weeks in semester 1, 17 weeks in semesters 2 through 7, and 9 weeks in semester 8)

(4) Graduation thesis: 4 credits;7 weeks

(5) Graduation thesis schedule: from the end of semester 7 to the end of May of semester 8.

6. Requirements for graduation:

Students who have been formally admitted to the universityand have obtained corresponding credits, completed professional practice, and on schedule to attend the graduation thesis or other form of graduation works, tested and approved by the department on comprehensive appraisal to the students in our school graduation requirements, are allowed to graduate.