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Chinese Language Program(For International students)

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1.Program Name:Chinese Language Program(For International Students)

2.Department: Faculty of International Education of Chinese Language

3.Duration: 4 yrs.   


This major aims to cultivate universal Chinese language talents with good comprehensive quality to meet the needs of modern international society.

After the completion of the study, learners will have a systematic knowledge of Chinese language, a high level of Chinese communication ability, basic Chinese cultural literacy and basic professional quality. According to different orientations, students can be engaged in Chinese language education, secretarial work, translation, China-related trade and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and have enough Chinese language level and professional ability to further study.

Students in this major mainly study the basic knowledge and theoryof Chinese language and Chinese culture, understand China's politics, economy, history, geography, cultureand literature, master the solid Chinese ontologyand culture knowledge, master Chinese language skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation.

There are 6 orientations, namely “Chinese Language”, “International Economy and Trade”, “Chinese +English”, “Chinese-Japanese Translation”, “Chinese-Korean Translation”, and “Chinese+Japanese”.According to different orientations,students can engage in Chinese language application, business negotiations, cultural exchanges, and translation.


5.Required credits

Non-bilingual orientations: 152credits; bilingual orientations 168.


6.Program structure

Courses are mainly divided into two types: compulsory courses and elective courses. All courses are compulsory in the first year. From the second grade, there are compulsory courses and elective courses.


7.Graduation requirements:

Any student with official school status shall, within the prescribed length of schooling,

(1) Abide by the school discipline and pass the standards in moral, intellectual, physical and aestheticaspects;

(2) Complete the courses stipulated in the teaching plan, obtain qualified or above scores, and obtainthe total credits of the courses that meet the graduation requirements;

(3) Complete the graduation thesis, participate in and pass the defense of the graduation thesis. Graduation is granted after examination and verification by the teaching committee and degree committee of the school.