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Guide to the Two-year Associate Degree Program:

Hybrid (Online and Classroom-based)

at Beijing Language and Culture University

In order to promote the normal integration and development of online and classroom-based education, and give full play to our school's superior faculty and teaching resources to help international students at home and abroad to break through the time difference and space constraints to learn Chinese, Beijing Language and Culture University has offered the Chinese Language and Literature major 0.5 online + 1.5 classroom-based two year associates degree course. This degree course is set up separately for international students. Freshmen can be recruited every spring and autumn semesters.

1. Major and Direction

Chinese Language and Literature major students can choose the business direction, culture direction, tourism direction, and translation direction (Chinese-English translation/Chinese-Japanese translation/Chinese-Korean translation/Chinese-Russian translation/Chinese-Spanish translation), etc.

After completing the two-year course, the required credits (80 credits), and passing the graduation exam, you can obtain the Chinese Language and Literature Major Diploma Certificate in the relevant direction certified by the Chinese Ministry of Education, that is, the Chinese Language and Literature(○○ Direction) Diploma Certificate.

2. Teaching Objectives

Students should master 4000-5000 vocabulary words (including about 1000 specialized Chinese vocabulary words) and corresponding Chinese characters, as well as about 250 grammatical points (items). Meanwhile, students should have the ability of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating in general and specialized Chinese. Some knowledge of cultural background and applications that can meet the needs of daily life and specialized work is also required.

3. Teaching Arrangements

(1) The first year (1st and 2nd semester) is the basic Chinese learning stage: the first semester is remote online teaching, and the second semester is classroom-based teaching at school; each semester has 18 weeks, a total of 36 weeks.

(2) The second year (3rd and 4th semester) is a special Chinese learning stage: both semesters are for classroom-based teaching at school, and professional courses are studied in different directions such as business, culture, tourism, translation, etc.; each semester has 18 weeks, a total of 36 weeks.

Credit Structure List



Credit structure20 credits per semester80 credits in total

Required course credit

Selective course credit

Language practice credit


Basic Chinese learning stage

1st semester





2nd semester





Special Chinese learning stage

3rd semester





4th semester





4. Teaching Methods

(1) The first semester (0.5 year) uses remote online teaching

    a) curriculum


1st Semester

Course title

Teaching methods

Weekly hours


Required courses

Elementary Chinese

live broadcast



Elementary Chinese Reading and Writing




Elementary Chinese Listening

live broadcast



Selective Courses

pick 1 out of 2


live broadcast



Overview of China





Online language practice

pick 1 out of 2

Chinese Culture Competition Week:

Chinese character transcription, Chinese reading aloud, Chinese dictation, dialogue performance, and Chinese storytelling.

online optional participation in 2 cultural competitions


Online visit:

Visit the online exhibition of the Forbidden City

visit the exhibition online and submit a visit diary


    b) Online Teaching Methods

        i. Live Broadcast

Use the live broadcast platform and software for online teaching, real-time interaction between teachers and students, and instant feedback of questions.

Each live class has a video of the course, and students can watch the video within the specified time.

Each course has two live broadcast sessions, and students in different time zones can choose the time that suits them.

Available Sessions

Beijing Time

session A


session B


    ii. Recording

Click the URL link of the teaching platform or video website to watch the course video.

The course video can be played repeatedly and paused at any time, and students can arrange their learning time independently.

Course videos can be played on mobile devices, which is convenient for students to learn in different places and using fragmented time.

    c) Various Other Online Learning Resources

A variety of teaching MOOCs matching the main courses are available for free learning

One-on-one tutoring time for optional time periods every week

Questions-and-answering time of full-time teachers in online offices every week

Participate in an online learning group to communicate and progress with other Chinese learners

Participate in online class activities and feel the cultural atmosphere of the Mini United Nations

(2) The second, third, and fourth semester (1.5 years) uses classroom-based teaching at school

    a) Main Courses

Economic and Trade Spoken Chinese, Business Chinese, Economic and Trade Chinese Writing, Chinese Culture, Chinese National Conditions, Practical Grammatical Analysis, Basic Translation, Advanced Translation, Oral Translation, Chinese Newspaper Language Foundation, Newspaper Reading, Chinese Human Geography, Chinese Writing, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Topic Spoken Chinese, News Listening, HSK Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, etc.

    b) Various Other Learning Resources

A variety of teaching MOOCs matching the main courses are available for free learning

One-to-one tutoring time for optional time periods every week

Question-and-answering time of full-time teachers in offices every week

There are Chinese corner activities every week, you can practice oral Chinese with Chinese and foreign students and exchange ideas and culture

There are various language and cultural activities inside and outside the school every semester, and you can truly experience Chinese culture and the integration of Chinese and foreign culture.

(3) Language Practice and College Internship

In the third semester, 1 language practice is arranged, and the practice content is offline cultural experience (2 credits).

In the fourth semester, a associate degree internship is arranged, and an internship report (4 credits) is required after the internship.

5. Application

    (1) Application Deadline

a. For spring semester courses, please submit the application before the end of January each year

b. For autumn semester courses, please submit your application before the end of July each year

    (2) Application Methods

a. Method 1: Submit the application online through the online application system of Beijing Language and Culture University

b. Method 2: Apply by email and submit the following materials:

 Beijing Language and Culture University International Students Admission Application Form

 Educational certificate: a photocopy of your last academic certificate or proof of university studies.

 Transcript: The original copy of your final academic transcript (copy is invalid).

 Recommendation letter.

 Copy of applicant's passport.

 Copy of the valid certificate of the guarantor (passport or ID card).

 Copy of receipt of registration fee (provided by online payment or wire transfer).

Contact Email (Chinese/English); (Russian)  (Korean);