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Scholarships for 2018 B.A. Chinese Language Program

(Chinese-Russian Translation oriented)

(For Students from Russian-speaking or Russian as a common-language countries)


Under the context of Beijing International Students Belt and Road Scholarship Scheme, Beijing Language and Culture University recruits students for B.A. Chinese Language Program (Chinese-Russian Translation oriented). Please find more information below:


1. Program

B.A. Chinese Language Program (Chinese-Russian Translation oriented)- Four-year Study


2. Eligibility

1. Students are from Russian-speaking countries and regions, or countries and regions use Russian as a common-language including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Moldova. Students are native speakers of Russian language or has almost equivalent Russian language proficiency.

2. Students have both physical and mental health, and has no criminal record.

3. Students have high school diploma or equivalent or above.


3. Scholarship Appraisal and Coverage

University's Board of Belt and Road Scholarship reviews students’ application and grant        the first academic year scholarship to successful candidates. For the second year, the       students (after expert appraisal) with academic performance of distinction will be     entitled to the second academic year’s scholarship. Students can be granted the          scholarship up to four consecutive years.

Coverage: only tuition fee (23,200 RMB/year) is covered; other fees including                    accommodation fee, comprehensive medical insurance, visa fee, international traveling     expenses and living costs, shall be borne by students themselves.

4. Application Documents

① A scanned copy of passport photo page. (For the student under the age of 18, their     parents should entrust a foreigner residing in China or a Chinese living in Beijing with       the student’s guardianship, and provide notarized guardianship guarantee statement).

② A notarized highest education diploma (or proof of expected graduation) and official          transcripts.

③ Application Form for International Students

④ A reference letter

⑤ A scanned copy of emergency contact’s valid ID (who can be the student’s parents,   relatives or friends)

⑥ A scanned copy of Application fee (800RMB) Receipt ( Please find attached application form for payment information)


5. How to Apply

First Option

Post the application documents to Admissions Office for Foreign Students, Beijing             Language and Culture University.

Address: Room 101, South Wing of NO.1 Teaching Building

Xueyuan Road 15#, Haidian District, Beijing, China   Postcode: 100083

Tel: 86-10-82303088 / 82303951

Second Option

Send the application documents via E-mail

E-mail address:;


6. Deadline

Application documents must be submitted before July 15th, 2018.


Notes: Each applicant can only apply for one scholarship provided by Chinese government. Multiple applications for different scholarships will be considered invalid and such applicants will be disqualified from scholarship.

Application form(2018).docx