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Warm Tips for the International Freshmen of BLCU

Dear International Freshmen of 2019:

We appreciate your choice of Beijing Language and Culture University! Due to the adjustment of relevant requirements, in order to facilitate your preparation before departure, the relevant notice is hereby updated as follows:

  1. Photo requirements to the new Visa/Residence Permit

According to the announcement of the National Immigration Administration of China, since June 1st, 2019, the entry-exit administration departments of the national public security organs began to issue new versions of visas and Residence Permits for foreigners, with printed color photographs. In order to ensure a smooth admission procedure, and facilitate your change of Residence Permit, BLCU has added paid photo shooting service (charge standard: 8 photos, each with 2-inch, 40 RMB) to the one-stop service for welcoming international freshmen during August 28 to August 30, 2019.

You can also prepare photos (at least 6) according to the following requirements:

(1) Recent photographs with a bare head and white background, 3.5 cm*5.3 cm in size;

(2) Do not cover ears, do not wear any jewelry, such as glasses (including contact lenses), do not wear shoulder-exposed clothing, do not cover the face;

(3) Do not use head coverings (when it is needed for religious, cultural or medical reasons, the covering should not create shadow or cover the face);

(4) Photographs must be printed on photographic paper without scratches or folds.

If the photos provided by yourself do not meet the requirements, you need to take new photos. We appreciate your understanding.

2. Registration procedure

Check-in (get the registration form of temporary residence) → Register (the reception desk at Teaching Building 1 of BLCU) → Receive material package for freshmen, fill in registration form → Pay tuition fees (self-financed students) and purchase the medical insurance (self-financed students)→Take photos  → Register at your departments → Physical examination and visa interview→ Apply for bank card (scholarship students) → Participate in the orientation.

Materials required for registration at your departments: original passport, admission notice, JW201/202 form, registration form of temporary residence, photo, tuition bill (self-financed students), medical insurance payment certificate (self-financed students) and registration form.

  1. Insurance online payment instruction

(1)Scheme 1: PC-side payment

Login to the International students insurance ( → Enter the passport number and verification code → Select the premium and click Purchase → Select the payment method → Payment is completed, enter your valid email to receive the certificate.

(2) Scheme 2: Mobile terminal payment

Scan the QR Code below→ Enter passport number and verification code → Click "Buy Insurance" → Select Premium (Option 2, 800 RMB in one year and 400 RMB in six months) → Confirm the insurance period and receive the certificate via email.

Unichina International Insurance Brokers (Beijing) Co., Ltd 24 hours hotline: 400-810-5119010-67185217


WeChat account and QR code:

Please scan the QR code below and follow the Wechat account of AIU and ISO. More detailed preparation and registration procedures will be published on the two Wechat accounts, please stay tuned.

Looking forward to meeting you in this beautiful autumn at BLCU!