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  • 1、Must the emergency contact be a Chinese?

    The emergency contact can be either a Chinese or a foreigner, e.g. the applicant's parents, relatives and friends. But students cannot be a contact person.

  • 2、What do theNon-Chinese permanent mailing address,place of birthandName of current schoolrefer to respectively?

    Non-Chinese permanent mailing address: Your address out of the territory of China; please be as specific as possible.
    Place of birth: The name of the city where you were born.
    Name of current school, university, or employer: For students or those who have just graduated, please fill in the name of the school or university you are in or graduated from; for those who are working please fill in the name of the company you are working for.

  • 3、How long does one application take?

    It will take about 3 weeks to process one application; if you are accepted, we will mail you the admission notice and visa application form (JW202) by post.

  • 4、Are there student canteens on campus? How much will the meals cost?

    There are canteens providing Chinese food, western-style food, fast food and Islamic food on campus. You can apply for a meal-card with your student card.
    If you dine in the student canteens, the cost will be about 25-50 per day.

  • 5、What optional courses do you offer?

    For long-term students' optional courses, please refer to the web page:
    Optional courses for short-term students (fees will be charged):
    1. Test Preparation: Comprehensive exercises for HSK.
    2. Exercises on Japanese-Chinese translation
    3. Spoken Chinese and Chinese idioms
    4. Standard Chinese pronunciation
    5. Chinese Writing
    6. Basic Chinese grammar
    7. Spoken business Chinese
    8. Read and write Chinese characters
    9. Sing Chinese songs
    10. Chinese calligraphy and painting
    11. Taijiquan
    12. Chinese culture
    The optional courses class will be in the afternoons or evenings, 2 hours every time and 1 or 2 times every week. Note: A course will not be able to be opened unless there are more than 10 applicants.
    And there are some other courses on Chinese language and culture that are open to to all the international students on campus.

  • 6、What about extracurricular activities?

    1) extracurricular activities for short-term (one-semester or shorter) students:
    A. One free trip to one of the historic sites of Beijing and one free enjoyment of a play with Chinese characteristics.
    B. Trips to some tourist sites. The weekend-trip sites we currently operate for include Datong City, Chengde City, and Luoyang-Shaolin Temple. And the vacation-trip sites include Xi'an and Prairie of Inner Mongolia-desert. All at your own expense. Note: The trip will be cancelled if there are fewer than 10 applicants.
    C. Interesting activities such as Chinese Language Contest, Chinese Songs Kara OK Contest, Chinese Writing Contest, and Athletic Contest, etc.
    2) extracurricular activities for long-term (one-year or longer) students. Students will be organized for trips at the weekends to the Great Wall, Lugou Bridge and Tianjin City etc.

  • 7、Can I apply for a study if I already have a work visa?

    Yes, but for the short-term program (one-semester or shorter) only. Besides the other documents required you should provide a study permission letter issued by your employer and a copy of your valid work visa. And please note that you cannot live in the student-dormitory.

  • 8、When are the classes?

    Regular short-term (20 hrs per week): Monday through Friday, 8 to 12 A.M.
    Intensive short-term (30 hrs per week): Monday through Friday, 8 to 12 A.M. and 1 to 3 P.M.
    Note: The class hours of the long-term and degree students are dependent partly on the courses they choose.

  • 9、How can I get to the university from the airport? Will the university provide pick-up service?

    We strongly suggest that you take a taxi, for which the cost will be about 150 RMB. If you do need a pick-up, please fax or email us the relevant information at least 7 days in advance; and a service fee will be charged. Our fax number: 86-10-82303087

  • 10、How to pay the tuition fee?

    There are 4 payment methods:
    (1) Cash: RMB or USD, pound, JPY, Hong Kong dollar and euro (foreign currency will be settled with reference to the exchange rate of the day of settlement).
    (2) Traveler's cheque (Other cheques are not acceptable).
    (3) Credit cards: International Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB Card and Diners; a 2.5% to 4% service fee will be charged
    (4) bank transfer: students can bank-transfer the tuition fee to the bank account of BLCU (c.f. the Application Form), and present the original copy of the payment receipt upon registration; if the transfer has not been settled upon registration, the student will not be registered.

  • 11、How many students in one class?

    Normally 18 to 20.

  • 12、When to register?

    There will be accurate information on the Admission Notice for you. Generally, short-term (one semester or shorter) students: 1 to 3 days before the courses start; long-term (one year or longer) students: 1 to 5 days before the courses start.

  • 13、Can I live off campus?

    Yes, are free to live in a hotel or a local resident's. If you choose to live in a private apartment you should go through, along with the house owner, the housing register procedures at the local police station within 24 hours after your entry into China. If you live in a hotel , please present the hotel accommodation confirmation note when you register.

  • 14、Is there Internet access in the dorms?

    Yes, and the rate will be from 100 to 200 RMB per month.

  • 15、What is the application procedure for those who are studying in other Chinese universities than BLCU?

    Besides all the documents required, listed on the Application Form, you should also provide the following documents:
    1. A sealed transfer letter from the Foreign Students' Office of the university;
    2. A recommendation letter from the class teacher of the university concerned;
    3. A photocopy of the student's visa or residence permit in China.

  • 16、How much should I pay for the insurance?

    With regard to the rules of the People's Republic of China, students that study for one semester or longer term in China should purchase Chinese Comprehensive Hospitalization Insurance, which is 300 RMB for one semester or 600 RMB for a year. International students are supposed to pay it in full amount along with the tuition. Those who refuse to buy the insurance cannot register.

  • 17、Will it be possible for me to get my application fee and documents back?

    The application fee cannot be refunded, and the documents will not be retrievable.