Procédure d'admission

Choose from our 30 MA degree programs or 12 PhD degree programs, then check out BLCU's entry requirements to find out what you'll need in order to be admitted to BLCU.

Method 1: Applicants can turn in applications in person to the Admission Office for Foreign Student. 
Method 2: Applicants can download the application form, and after completing it, email the application materials to the email address of the Admission Office for Foreign Student .


After receiving completed application materials and verifying that the applicant meets the requirements for study, the Admission Office for Foreign Student  will begin enrollment procedures.

Accepted students need the Letter of Admission and the JW202 Visa Application Form to apply for a visa at Chinese embassy or consulate of the country they are currently in.

Accepted students must register at the time and place specified on the Letter of Admission.