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Master's programs

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Field of Study

International Politics

UN Studies

Chinese Diplomacy and Foreign Relations

Contemporary International Relations

International Economics

International Economics and Trade (Taught in English, 2-year program)

Education of Politics

Fundamentals of Marxism

Sinicization of Marxism: Theory and Practice

Chinese and Foreign Ideological and Political Management Studies

Curriculum Design and Language Teaching Theories

Teaching Theories of Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL)

Curriculum Design of Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL)

Learning Theories of CFL

Teaching Materials Studies of CFL

Assessment Studies of TCFL

Teaching Resources Studies of TCFL

Modernization of TCFL

Literature and Art Studies

Aesthetic Culture Studies

Ancient Chinese Literary Theories

Aesthetics of Literature and Art

Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Literary Theories

Aesthetics of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Theoretical Linguistics

Sociolinguistics and Language Use

Second Language Acquisition Studies

Language Testing

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Linguistic Geography

Language Information Processing

Computational Linguistics

Corpus Linguistics

Computer-assisted Language Learning

Chinese Philology and Language Studies

Chinese Phonology

Chinese Philology

Chinese Grammar

Chinese Lexicology

Chinese Dialectology

History of Chinese Language

Comparative Studies of Chinese and Foreign Languages

Chinese Classical Textual Philology

Study of Ancient Chinese Literature and Textual Documents

Ancient Chinese Language Studies

Study of Unearthed Textual Documents

Chinese Classical Literature

Chinese Literature in Pre-Qin and Han Dynasties

Chinese Literature in Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties

Chinese Literature in Tang and Song Dynasties

Chinese Literature in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties

History of Chinese Literary Criticism

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

Modern Chinese Literature Studies

Contemporary Chinese Literature Studies

Women's Literature Studies

Languages and Literature of Chinese Ethnic Groups

Cross-lingual Comparative Studies

Bilingual Studies

Chinese Language Studies

Chinese Ethnic Groups Literature Studies

Comparative Literature and World Literature

Cross-cultural Study of Comparative Literature

Interdisciplinary Study of Comparative Literature

Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Literature

Eastern Literature Studies

Overseas Sinology and Chinese Literature

Chinese and Western Literary Theories and Culture Studies

World Literature Studies

Field of Study
British Literature
American Literature
Western Literary Theories
Western Culture Studies
Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Literature

French Literature and Culture
French Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
German Language and Literature

Japanese Linguistics
Japanese Literature and Culture
Japanese-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation

Spanish Language and Literature

Arabic Language and Culture
Arabic Literature
Arabic Translation: Theory and Practice

Italian Language and Literature

Korean Language and Literature

Theoretical Linguistics
Applied Linguistics
Translation Studies

Chinese History
Chinese General History
Chinese Intellectual History
Chinese Art History
History of Cultural Exchange between China and Other Countries
Computer System Architecture
Embedded Speech Processing
Computer System Architecture and Cyber Security
Computer Software and Theories
Data Mining
Pattern Recognition
Information Retrieval

Natural Language Processing
Computer-aided Language Learning
Voice Signal Processing
Technologies of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
Information System
Digital Media
Database Technologies

English-Chinese Translation and Interpreting
French-Chinese Translation and Interpreting
Basic Psychology
Language Testing
Psychological Development in Children
Cognitive Psychology