Doctoral programs


Time Table &Tuition

3 years


Field of Study

Literature and Art Studies

Criticism History and Cultural Studies

Confucianism and Traditional Chinese Aesthetical Culture

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics


Sociolinguistics and Language Use

Chinese Syntactic Semantics Studies

Chinese Lexical Studies and Lexical Teaching

Grammar and Semantics

Business Chinese Teaching

Second Language Acquisition and Cognition

Second Language Acquisition and Testing

Language Acquisition and Language Pathology

Second Language Education Technology

Interlanguage Research and Resource Construction

Language Testing and Cognition

Mother Language andSecond Language Acquisition

Language Semiology

Modern Chinese Grammar and International Chinese Education


Chinese Philology

Chinese Dialectology

Ancient Chinese Characters and Lexical History

Chinese Exegetics and Historical Lexicology

Chinese Palaeography

Chinese Syntax and Semantics

Chinese Character Study

Chinese Grammar History

Chinese Phonetics History

Dialectology and LanguageResource


Chinese Classical Textual Philology

Study of Language in Unearthed Textual Documents

Ancient Chinese Linguistics Documents

Calligraphy Literature Calligraphy History


Classic Chinese Literature

Chinese Poetics and Poetic Arts in Wei, Jin, Tang and Song Dynasties

Literature and Textual Documents in Pre-Qin, Han, Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties

Ancient Chinese Literature and Aesthetical Culture

Literature and LiteraryTheory in Tang and Song Dynasties

Chinese Literature in Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties

Chinese Literature in Ming and Qing Dynasties

Modern And Contemporary Chinese Literature

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Gender Culture

Contemporary Chinese Literature

Modern Chinese Literary ThoughtsandResearch on Writers and Works

Modern and Contemporary Chinese LiteratureCultural Studies

Modern and Contemporary Overseas Chinese Literature


Comparative Literature and World Literature

Comparative Aesthetics and Cross-Cultural Studies

Eastern Asian Literature Relation and China Studies

Eastern and Western Cultural Theories and Religious Studies

Western Literature Classics and Comparative Literature

English Language and Literature

British and American Literature

Comparison between English and Chinese

European Languages and Literature

French Linguistics


Asian and African Languages and Literature

Japanese Literature and Culture

Comparative Linguistics and Korean Lexical Studies

Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics




Semantic Pragmatics & LinguisticPhilosophy

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Chinese Grammar Theory and Its Application

Chinese Learning and Cognition

Research on Chinese Phonetics and Phonetics Teaching

Chinese Discourse Analysis and its Application

Language and Culture Studies

Teaching Materials in TCSOL

Syntax and Semantics and its Application

Chinese Teaching and Cultural Communication

Chinese Grammar and Grammar Education

Chinese Rhetoric and Rhetorical Study

Language Intelligence and Technology

Speech Acquisition and Intelligent Technology

Language and Visual Media Technology

Language Education Technology

Language Information Processing

Language Data Mining

Language Intelligence and Technology

Language Policy and Language Planning

Language Policy and Language Planning


National and Regional Studies

Middle East Studies

Studies on International Organization

“Belt and Road”Cultural Communication



Translation Theories and Practice