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Undergraduate Programs

B.A. (For foreign students only, 4-year program )
1). College of Chinese Language Studies

(1) Chinese Language 

  (Chinese Language, Business Chinese, Chinese/English Bilingual Studiesnot open to apply this year)

(2) Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

(3)Translation(not open to apply this year)

 (English-ChineseTranslation,Korean-ChineseTranslation,Japanese-ChineseTranslation,Russian-Chinese Translation)

B.A. (For Chinese students and foreign students, 4-year program)

Undergraduate Programs for Chinese and International Students

College of Foreign Languages
(1) English
(2) French
(4) Spanish
(5) Arabic
(7) German
(8) Italian



(12)Translation (Chinese-French Translation)

(13)Translation (Chinese-English Translation)

(14) English(bilingual English-Spanish program)

(15) Japanese(bilingual Japanese-English  program)

International Business School

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

(3) Chinese Language and Literature

(4) International Politics

(5) Journalism

(6) Networks and New Media

College of Information Science


(1)Musicology (music international education and communication)

(2)Chinese Painting


Language Rehabilitation Courses

(1)Special education (speech and hearing sciences)

College Certificate Program (2-year program, 
Time Table &Tuition⇒ )

Chinese Language (Business, Sociology, Tourism, Secretary)