To ensure students can complete their students in good health, and in accordance with Chinese national law, all foreign students must participate in the comprehensive medical insurance program collectively negotiated by BLCU with Pingan Insurance Company. Those who refuse to participate will be refused class registration. Insurance costs are 800 yuan for a year.
1.When new students register, they must purchase one year insurance 
2.Continuing students can pay per semester.
3.Chinese Government Full Scholarship includes insurance fees.
4.Insurance Claim: Self-supporting students can negotiate directly with Pingan Insurance Company. Scholarship students should contact the Office of Foreign Students.
5.Types of Claims: 
 1) Death or Accidental Disablement, 
 2) Treatment for Accidental Injury, 
 3) Emergency Room Treatment, 
 4) Inpatient Care, 
 5) Nursing Care.

Important Points:

1.If a single insurance claim incident involves more than one treatment facility, it is necessary to provide proof of diagnosis, patient records, etc.
2.The treatment facility must be a public hospital in Mainland China. Treatment and fees must be within the scope of the local social medical insurance law.
3.Pingan Insurance LLC claims address: Pingan Tower 9/F, 23 Jinrong St. Xiyu District, Beijing China (post code 100033), website: