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Non-Sinology Program


Non-Sinology Program provides prestigious Ph.D. fellowships in Sinology, China Studies or related humanity and social sciences, sponsors in-depth research opportunities in China, collaborates on Chair or professorship with overseas universities; co-hosts or sponsors international symposiums or seminars in related academic fields; Facilitates or sponsors relevant translation and publication of works; and Promotes exchanges and cooperation among scholars in relevant fields. The Program consists of four subprograms:

  1. Ph.D. Fellowship

This program selects and sponsors outstanding foreign young scholars interested in China studies, provides them with prestigious opportunities to study and work with top Chinese professors in the academic field, to do in-depth research with first-hand resources and in-person experience, to pursue a widely acknowledged Ph.D., to make friends with their Chinese counterparts, and to be part of a life-time scholar network.

 Ph.D. in China Fellowship

This program supports outstanding foreign master's degree holders in pursuing doctoral degrees at Chinese universities.

 Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship

This program funds outstanding foreign doctoral students (candidates) registered with foreign universities coming to China for study, research and writing of their doctoral dissertations.


  1. Research Grants

This program offers grants to relevant research institutions or individuals to conduct researches in sinology or China studies, publish monographs or translated works, hold international academic workshops or conferences, and so on.

 Research Grant for Overseas Scholars

This program supports overseas scholars coming to do research in Chinese universities as a visiting scholar.

 Publication Grant

This program supports the publication of doctoral dissertations written by China Studies Program Ph.D. fellows as well as the translation of Chinese classics and excellent contemporary Chinese works.

 International Conference Grant

This program supports holding relevant international academic conferences, or funding scholars at home and abroad attending such conferences to deliver a keynote speech or research papers.


  1. Short-term Research/Study in China

This program, which typically lasts for two weeks, invites elites or outstanding young scholars from other countries who are majored in Humanities or Social Sciences to come to China for short term joint research, a tailor made study experience or intellectual exchanges.


  1. Chair or Professorship

This program collaborates on Chair or professorship as well as credit-granting courses in China studies with overseas universities.

 Chair in China Studies

This program supports Chair or professorship in China studies at foreign universities.

 Credit-granting Courses Offered by Chinese Scholars

This program supports Chinese scholars teaching or jointly offering credit courses on sinology or China studies in foreign universities.


The programs of Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship and the Ph.D. in China Fellowship are aimed at non-Chinese students to sponsor the world's outstanding youths by through the academic education, research projects, etc. They cover lodging and living stipend, research fund, round-trip international airfare, tuition, medical insurances in China, group activities and cultural experience, and other support provided by the host Chinese university, which are currently the highest standard of foreign scholarships in China.


Beijing Language and Culture University implements the enrollment work of PhD programs of Non-Sinology Programs from every November to February next year. Specific application information can be found on the website:


For more information, please contact us:

I. Office of International Education, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

Address: A703 Comprehensive Building, No.15 Xueyuan Street, Haidian District, Beijing,100083


II. Center for Language Education and Cooperation

Address: No.129, Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100088



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