Time Table &Tuition⇒

2-3 years (programs with * are 2 years programs)


Field of Study

International Politics

Studies on UN and International Organizations

Chinese Diplomacy and Foreign Relations

Contemporary International Relations

Studies on Russian and Central Asian Affairs

Studies on International Safety

“Belt and Road” Proposal and practice

*International Economics and Trade

(taught in English)


Education of Politics

Fundamentals of Marxism

Sinicization of Marxism:Theory and Practice

Chinese and Foreign Ideological and

Political Management Studies


Principle of Education

Theories of TCSOL

Theories of International Students Education in China

Theories of International Comparative



Curriculum Design and

Language Teaching Theories

Teaching Theories of TCSOL

Curriculum Design of TCSOL

Learning Theories of TCSOL

Teaching Materials & Resources Studies


Development of TCSOL teachers


Basic Psychology

Psychological Measurement

Cognition and Learning Disabilities

Psychological Development in Children


Developmental and

Educational Psychology

Cognitive Development

Educational Psychology

Literature and Arts Studies

Aesthetic Culture Studies

Ancient Chinese Literary Theories

Aesthetics of Literature and Arts

Comparative Study of Chinese and

 Western Literary Theories

Aesthetics of Chinese Calligraphy

and Painting


Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Theoretical Linguistics


Linguistic Typology

Linguistic Semiology


Lexical Semantics

Linguistic Geography

Second Language Acquisition

Language Testing

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Linguistic Information Processing

Technology in Teaching Chinese as

a Foreign Language


Chinese Philology and

Language Studies

Chinese Phonology

Chinese Grammatology

Chinese Grammar

Chinese Lexicology

Chinese Dialectology

History of Chinese Language

Chinese Classical Textual


Study of Ancient Chinese Literature

 and Textual Documents

Study of Ancient Chinese Linguistics

Textual Documents

Study of Unearthed Textual Documents

Calligraphy Literature and Creation

Chinese Classical Literature

Chinese Literature in Pre-Qin and

 Han Dynasties

Chinese Literature in Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties

Chinese Literature in Tang and

Song Dynasties

Chinese Literature in Yuan, Ming and

 Qing Dynasties

History of Chinese Literary Criticism

Studies of Chinese Ancient Civilization

Modern And Contemporary

Chinese Literature

Modern Chinese Literature Studies

Contemporary Chinese Literature Studies

Women’sLiterature Studies


Languages and Literature of

Chinese Minority Nationalities

Cross-lingual Comparative Studies

Bilingual Studies

Chinese Language Studies

Studies on Languages of Chinese

 Minority Nationalities

Studies on Languages and Literature

 around China


Comparative Literature and

World Literature

Cross-cultural Study of Comparative


Comparative Studies on Classic Literature

Studies on the Relation of East Asian


Studies on Overseas Sinology

Chinese and Western Literary Theories and Culture Studies

Interdisciplinary Study of Comparative


World Literature Studies


Language Intelligence and


Computational Linguistics

Language Engineering

Speech Engineering

Language Education Technology

Language Policy and

Language Planning


Language Pathology

Language Disorders and Neural Linguistics

Language Therapy and Rehabilitation

Clinical Phonetics

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Hearing Speech Disorder

Communication Assistant Devices and Electronic Engineering

English Language and


British Literature

American Literature

Western Literary Theories

Western Culture Studies

Comparative Studies of Chinese and

Western Literature


Russian language and


Russian Society and Culture

French Language and


French Literature

French Linguistics

Cultures of French-Speaking Countries

Comparison studies of Chinese and

French language and culture

German Language and


German Language and Literature

Japanese Language and


Japanese Linguistics

Japanese Literature

Japanese Culture

Japanese Education System

Comparison studies of Chinese and

Japanese language and culture


Spanish Language and


Spanish Literature

Spanish Linguistics

Studies on Latin America

Comparison studies of Chinese and

Spanish language and culture

Arabic Language and


Arabic Language and Culture

Arabic Literature

Studies on Arabic Countries and Regions


European Languages and


Italian Language, Literature, and Culture

Asian and African Languages

and Literature

Korean Language and Literature

Comparison studies of Chinese and Korean

language and culture

Foreign Linguistics and

Applied Linguistics

Theoretical Linguistics

Applied Linguistics

Contrastive Linguistics


National and Regional Studies

Middle East Studies

Asia-Pacific Safety Studies

Shanghai Cooperation Organization 


Studies on Relationship Between

Major Countries

Studies on “Belt and Road” Countries








International News


Trans-cultural Communication

International Communication

Specialized History Studies

Chinese Intellectual History

History of Cultural Exchange between

China and Other Countries

History of Early Chinese Civilization


Computer System Architecture

Embedded Speech Processing

Computer System Architecture and

Cyber Security

Computer System and Design


Computer Software and


Data Mining

Pattern Recognition

Formal Semantics


Computer Science and


Natural Language Processing

Voice Information Processing

Graphic Image Processing

Information System

Database Technologies

Financial Information Technology

Technologies of Language Teaching

Financial Statistics and Data Analysis

Accounting Information System

Regional chain and finacial technology


Reginal Financial Cooperation

Financial Analysis

*Teaching Chinese to Speakers

of Other Languages


* English-Chinese Translation


Localization management

English-French-Chinese Translation


*English-Chinese Interpreting


English-French-Chinese interpreting

* Russian-Chinese Translation


*Japanese-Chinese Translation


*Japanese -Chinese Interpreting


*French-Chinese Translation


Localization management

*French-Chinese Interpreting


*German-Chinese Translation


*German-Chinese Interpreting


*Korean-Chinese Translation


*Korean-Chinese Interpreting


*Spanish-Chinese Translation


*Spanish-Chinese Interpreting


*Arabic-Chinese Translation


*Arabic-Chinese Interpreting




*Fine Arts

Chinese Painting and International


Calligraphy and International Communication

Chinese Fine Arts and International



*Software Engineering

Computer System Structure and

Network Security

Computer System and Design

Data Mining

Pattern Recognition

Natural Language Processing

Speech Signal Processing

Information System

Digital Media

Database Technology

Language Education Technology

Financial Information Technology