Letter of Admission Requirements and Safety Commitment for International Students

1. Abide by laws and regulations of P.R.C. and BLCU; respect Chinese social ethics, and customs.

2.Respect the teaching staff and fellow students; speak properly and behave courteously.

3.Obey the classroom rules strictly and help ro maintain a good learning environment. Do not skip class, do not arrive late or leave early. Make sure to ask for a leave in advance for personal reasons.

4.Abide by the accommodation rules and regulations of BLCU, obey the management of the accommodation staff, consciously keep the public order of the dormitory and avoid disturbing othersdaily life.

5.While living off campus, relevant formalities must be handled in advance at the local police station; students must register at Students Affairs Office at respective schools.

6. If intending to live off campus or changing current off-campus address, follow the procedures of the local police station, and register at StudentsAffairs Office at respective schools as well.

7.Maintain public order on campus. Avoid yelling and horseplay in classrooms, dormitories and other public areas. Never distribute or post any unregistered or unapproved propaganda, printed materials, etc. without permission from the University. Never fabricate information or spread rumors.

8.Keep the campus clean and tidy; maintain the hygiene of dorms, classrooms as well as other public places. Do not litter.

9. Take good care of public facilities; compensate the University for loss according to related regulations in case of engagement in any vandalism.

10.Observe the traffic regulations of the University. Adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations made by Beijing Municipality and the University when purchasing and riding motorcycles, electric motorcycles, etc. Consciously drive within the speed limit on campus for your own and others safety, and never operate a vehicle without a valid license.

11.Apply for, update and extend the Residence Permit in accordance with regulations issued by the Administrative Department of Entry-Exit of Beijing Public Security Bureau and the procedures of the University.

12.Abide by Regulations of Beijing Municipality on Smoking Control; do not smoke indoors, including but not limited to teaching buildings, dormitories, etc.

13. Do not get engaged in gambling, excessive alcohol consumption, fighting, or any other illegal and criminal activities.

14.Never possess, consume, transport or traffic any illegal drugs. Refuse to participate in any illegal activities dealing with addictive narcotic or psychoactive drugs.

15.Do not hold religious ceremony in public areas on campus, and do not partake in missionary work on campus; neither participates in nor convenes any religious gatherings in nature.

16.Apply for permission from the University before convening any assemblies or parades on campus.

17.Do not be employed or engaged in business, or participate in any activities that are detrimental to the image of college students or that do not conform to the identity of students during the period of studying at BLCU.

18.Accept penalties imposed by the judiciary authorities or the University in case of infringing upon any laws, regulations or rules of China or the University.