1.  International students who will study in BLCU for a year or more should apply for an X1 visa; those who will study in BLCU for a semester or less should apply for an X2 visa.

2.  International students with an X1 visa should apply for a residence permit within 30days after their entry to China. Those who live outside campus should prepare the Residence Registration Certificate.

Documents for residence permit application:

(1) Current passport and visa

(2) Visa/Residence Permit Application Form for Foreigners sealed by BLCU, and a 2-inch ID photo

(3) BLCU Certificate with specific study period and Admission Notice, original copy of Visa Application Form (JW201 or JW202 form)

(4) Original Copy of Health Certificate issued by Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center (only needed for new applicants)

(5) Residence Registration Certificate (copies are also required for those who live outside campus)

(6) International students with L visa should prepare BLCU Admission Notice, JW201 or JW202 form, and Certificate with specific study period.

 International students can also apply for residence permit on their own at the Exit-Entry Administration of the Ministry of Public Security with the above-mentioned documents.