Time Table &Tuition⇒

Advanced Research Programs (1-2 years)
Candidates can choose subjects offered in the Graduate and PhD programs and conduct specialized researches.

Short-Term Program for Chinese Cultural Studies (group application only)
Based on the needs of learners and duration of studies, the following courses can be arranged in a customized curriculum. Courses include: Chinese Language, Chinese History, Chinese Philosophy, History of Chinese Literature, Chinese Theatre Arts, Chinese Folk Customs, Chinese Contemporary Economy, Facts about China, Survey of Chinese Society, Chinese Tourist Geography, Chinese Garden Architecture, Cultural Exchange between China and Other Countries, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Chinese Martial Arts.

Special Group Courses
BLCU will meet the requirements of foreign universities, enterprises or any type of group or organization, to create a custom course throughout the year. The course can integrate Chinese teaching, cultural experience, hands-on practice and social observation to give learners the most efficient improvement of Chinese language skills and understanding of Chinese culture in a short time.
Aside from the regular Chinese classes, BLCU regularly organizes English lecture series and cultural courses which use English to teach traditional Chinese thought, folk customs, Chinese economy, Peking opera, literary classics, etc. Popular culture classes include Chinese tea, calligraphy, painting, paper-cutting, Tai Chi, etc.

Distance Chinese Language Training Program
BLCU offers online courses to students who have no chance to study in China.