I. Teaching Object

  • Foreign learners with a certain level of Chinese (Those who passes HSK4)

  • Winter undergraduate graduation requires studying related courses in order to have further study for those foreign learners in September.

II. Project Characteristics

  • Special prepared training program to provide professional knowledge courses for those learners who has certain Chinese foundation

  • A wealth of self-selected courses that can assist students in building up knowledge for the postgraduate stage

III. Teaching Arrangement

                  One semester course (20 hours per week)

Self-selected Course

Language Skills

College Chinese

Classical Learning Guide

Classical Reading

Chinese Listening

Spoken Chinese

Chinese Reading

Chinese Writing

Language Knowledge

Modern Chinese

Rhetoric in Modern Chinese

Ancient Chinese

Introduction to Linguistics

Chinese Idiom Culture

Humanistic Knowledge

Chinese Ancient Literature

Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature

Chinese History

Chinese Philosophy

China's Actual Condition

Discussion on Cultural Topics

Chinese Cultural Experience

Chinese Education

Introduction to Second Language Teaching

Educational Psychology

Phonetics and Phonetic Teaching

Chinese Characters and Their Teaching

Vocabulary and Vocabulary Teaching

Grammar and Grammar Teaching

Chinese Teaching Practice

Economic Society

Overview of China's Economy

China's Economy and Society

Business Negotiation Practical Training

Business Case Analysis

China's Economic Focus

Special Discussion On China's Economy

Practical Business Writing



Fundamentals of News Language

News Audio-visual

News Reading

New Media Practice

Second Foreign 


English Synthesis

Modern English Communication

Fundamentals of English-Chinese Translation

English-Chinese Interpretation Skills

English-Chinese Translation Practice

English-Chinese Translation Skills

English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation

Customized Courses (On Demand)

Special Topic


Introduction to Postgraduate Students

Academic Frontier And Innovation

Practical Experience

Social Study And Research

Project-based Learning

Chinese Teaching Practice

Chinese Talent

Appreciation and Practice Of Drawing

Calligraphy and Seal Cutting

Taijiquan and Martial Art

Master's Degree 

Processional Course

Chinese International Education Major