1. International students should observe Chinese laws, regulations and school rules, regulations and disciplines, respect Chinese social morality and customs.

2. BLCU respects international students’ national conventions and religions, but will not provide a place for religious service. No religious activities or gatherings are permitted on campus.

3. International students should observe Chinese laws and regulations on publication, association, assembly and demonstration. International students, while having religious activities in China, should observe Regulations Concerning Aliens’ Religious activities in the People’s Republic of China.

4. No smoking in the smoking-prohibited area. Only in the fireworks area are you allowed to set off fireworks or firecrackers.

5. Take with your student I.D. card at BLCU.

6. Student needs to get off the bicycle when passing the school gate.

7. Students who drive car to the school must have a pass permit issued by the school security office. Motorbike is forbidden to enter the campus.

8. Distribution or posting of propaganda materials is forbidden on campus.

9. Also forbidden on campus are gambling, excessive drinking, fights and scuffles, taking drugs and drug trafficking, and other misconduct that may disturb the normal order of teaching, research work and daily life.

10. It is not allowed to disrupt the school’s teaching, research work and life order, or to stop others from their normal activities required by school rules.