Computer Science and Technology


Computer Science and Technology

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1. Program Name(Program Code): Computer Science and Technology080901

2. Department: College of Information Sciences                               

3. Duration: 4 yrs

4. Aim and Scale:

This program aims to cultivate complex senior talents with good scientific literacy, strong foreign language skills, expertise in language and information processing, and knowledge of computer science and technology disciplines. It helps students to master the basic principles, basic knowledge and basic skills and methods of computer science and technology, and be able to engage in teaching, scientific research and application development related to the major. In addition to ensuring the study of professional core courses, through the design of the curriculum and practical links to strengthen the training of foreign language and language information processing skills, the goal is to cultivate foreign language skills, language information processing expertise of complex talents to meet the growing research and development needs of the information society.

              5.Program Structure:

(I) Course credits: 160 credits;Among them, 30 credits are compulsory public courses, 12 credits are general courses, 16 credits are compulsory foreign language courses; 67 are professional compulsory courses, 27 credits are professional elective courses;4 credits are extra-curricular practice; 4 credits are graduation design.

(2) Total class hours: 2649 class hours;152 credits in total; 127 weeks of teaching

(3) Extra-curricular practice: 4 credits, among which 2 credits are social practice, 2 credits are major practice

(4) Graduation thesis: 4 credits;

             6. Requirements for graduation:

Students who have been formally admitted to the universityand have obtained corresponding credits, completed professional practice, and on schedule to attend the graduation thesis or other form of graduation works, tested and approved by the department on comprehensive appraisal to the students in our school graduation requirements, are allowed to graduate.