Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language


Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

1.Program Name(Program Code): (TeachingChinesetoSpeakersofOtherLanguages, TCSOL)(050103)

2.Department: Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

3.Duration: 4 yrs  

4.Aim and Scale:

(1) Training objectives

This major aims at training students who have a more comprehensive and solid general linguistics and basic theoretical knowledge of Chinese linguistics, grasp systematically the basic theory and method of teaching Chinese as a second language, have a certain literature literacy, are capable of Chinese second language teaching and research, work up to Chinese international education and the Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, and can become international, compound and applied talents with the further development of the future of thick foundation, broad caliber, wide vision, high quality.

(2) Cultivation specifications

① Systematically master the knowledge and theories of this major;

② Have certain skills of teaching Chinese as a second language and good intercultural communication ability;

③ Strong writing and oral communication skills in Chinese;

④ Have good foreign language ability, with balanced and comprehensive development of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating skills; be able to read professional materials in foreign languages proficiently and carry out Chinese teaching and communication in professional fields;

⑤ Have an international vision and master the basic knowledge and etiquette of international communication;

⑥ Have good basic literacy of humanities, strong sense of innovation and cooperation spirit, and the ability to independently acquire new knowledge.

5.Program Structure:

(1) Course credits: 150 credits, Among them, 35 credits are compulsory public courses, 12 credits are general courses, 32 credits are compulsory foreign language courses, 40 credits are professional compulsory courses, 30 credits are professional elective courses;

(2) Total class hours: 2626 class hours;

(3) Total weeks of teaching: 127 weeks;

(4) Graduation thesis: 7 weeks, 4 credits;

(5) Graduation thesis schedule: from the end of semester 7 to the end of May of semester 8.

6.Requirements for graduation:

Any student with official school status shall, within the prescribed length of schooling,

(1) Abide by the school discipline and pass the standards in moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic aspects;

(2)Complete the courses stipulated in the training program, obtain a passing grade or above and obtain the total credits of the courses that meet the graduation requirements. Among them, a minimum of 30 credits is required for professional elective courses and a total of 18 credits is required for linguistics module and education module.

(3) Participate in professional practice and social practice, obtain authentication and certification, and obtain corresponding credits;

(4) Complete the graduation thesis, participate in and pass the defense of the graduation thesis. Graduation is granted after examination and verification by the teaching committee and degree committee of the university.