Portuguese Language and Culture


1.Program Name(Program Code): Portuguese Language and Culture(050232)

2.Department:Faculty of Foreign Languages

3.Duration: 4 yrs  

4.Aim and Scale:

(1) Training Objectives

The training objective of this major is to develop senior Portuguese language professionals with an open vision and cultural tolerance. It is required to be proficient in Portuguese, familiar with the culture of Portuguese-speaking countries and have high-level Chinese and Portuguese translation ability. It is required to be competent for the basic work of Portuguese translation in the fields of diplomacy, economy and trade, and to lay a solid foundation for further study and research as well as the comprehensive ability to engage in basic teaching.

(2) Cultivation specifications

Have a solid foundation of Portuguese language and proficient in Portuguese listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and other aspects of the comprehensive application ability;

* Understand the national conditions and culture of Portuguese-speaking countries and cultivate cultural inclusiveness;

* Have a high level of Chinese and a certain degree of Chinese-Portuguese translation ability, and can adapt to basic consecutive interpretation and text translation work;

* Master certain academic research methods to lay a good foundation for further study;

* Have a good knowledge of Portuguese linguistics, translation, literature, intercultural and other related fields;

* Good command of English and computer skills.

5.Program structure

(1) Course credits: 155 credits; Among them, 37 credits are compulsory public courses, 12 credits are general courses, 71 credits are professional compulsory courses, 18 credits are professional elective courses, and 16 credits are compulsory foreign language courses;

(2) Total class hours: 2694 class hours;

(3) Total weeks of teaching: 127 weeks;

(4) Graduation thesis: 7 weeks, 4 credits;

(5) Graduation thesis schedule: from the end of semester 7 to the end of May of semester 8.


6.Requirements for graduation:

Any student with official school status shall, within the prescribed length of schooling,

(1) Abide by the school discipline and pass the standards in moral, intellectual, physical and aestheticaspects;

(2) Complete the courses stipulated in the teaching plan, obtain qualified or above scores, and obtainthe total credits of the courses that meet the graduation requirements;

(3) Complete the graduation thesis, participate in and pass the defense of the graduation thesis. Graduation is granted after examination and verification by the teaching committee and degree committee of the school.