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MA in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL for foreign students)

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1. Objective

MA in MTCSOL(For foreign students) is a professional degree that articulates with the international Chinese language teaching profession. It aims to cultivate professionals who know China, understand Chinese culture, have more proficient teaching skills of Chinese language and Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication skills, and are competent to teach Chinese.


2. Duration

The study period is generally 2 years (including internship and one year for Dissertation).


3. Curriculum Settings

The curriculum is designed to meet the professional needs of international Chinese language teachers and is oriented to practical applications. It focuses on the cultivation of Chinese teaching ability, Chinese cultural communication ability, and intercultural communication ability, and forms a curriculum system in which the core courses (required) are the main focus and the modules (optional) are supplementary, with emphasis on practical training. At least 30 credits are required (2-4 credits of tutorials may be included).

In addition, 2 credits of academic activities are required (at least 8 academic activities are required in semesters 1-4). 4 credits of professional internship, 2 credits of dissertation proposal and 2 credits of dissertation defense. The total number of credits should not be less than 40.


4. Internship

The professional internship is mainly completed in the form of teaching practice. Graduate students are required to improve their teaching practice through professional internship for a certain period of time and in a certain depth, and to create conditions for the selection and completion of their dissertation.

(1) Internship in education and teaching in various schools and educational institutions at home and abroad. In principle, the duration of the internship should be at least 40 working days (full workload), and the number of classroom teaching hours should be at least 40.

In principle, the number of classroom teaching hours should be at least 40.

(2) During the internship, the graduate student should formulate an internship plan under the guidance of the teacher and write and submit a summary report of the internship.

(3) The internship unit will issue a certificate and evaluation of the internship.


5. Dissertation

The topic of the dissertation should be closely related to the practice of Chinese international education and have certain application value. The dissertation can be in the form of special research, research report, teaching experiment report, typical case study, teaching design and so on. Experts and teachers with senior professional and technical positions in the front line of international Chinese language teaching will be invited to participate in the dissertation guidance, and the guidance and evaluation will be conducted according to the specifications and standards of professional degree dissertations.


6. Degree Awarding

After completing the courses and practice sessions, completing the required credits, passing the teaching practice, completing the dissertation and passing the defense, the degree of Master of Chinese International Education will be conferred upon examination by the Degree Evaluation Committee of Beijing Language and Culture University, and a certificate of graduation from the master's program will be awarded.