Networks and New Media


Networks and New Media

1. Program Name(Program Code): Networks and New Media050306T

2. Department: Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

3. Duration: 4 yrs

4. Aim and Scale:

This program involves communication and journalism, the Internet information technology and other related fields, it combines the core of the news spread knowledge and the research frontiers of media technology, prominent in the curriculum, teaching arrangement with network and new media as the direction of the discipline characteristic, it is aimed to train students into innovative cross-cultural communication talents. This program focuses on humanities and technology, theory and practice of the balanced development of classic and innovation, guides students to fully grasp the basic humanities and social sciences of the relevant theoretical knowledge, business skills and research methods of dissemination of news, the network of new media research frontier in the field of knowledge, as well as international and cross-cultural knowledge and skills. This professional training goal is to allow students to become familiar with the network transmission characteristics of new media and social impact, good at understanding of the cultural opportunities of the information society, integrate critical thinking in the innovative practice, have strong communication skills, broad cultural vision and keen problem consciousness and profound social sense of responsibilities.

5. Program Structure:

(I) Course credits: 154 credits;Among them, 35 credits are compulsory public courses, 12 credits are general courses, 32 credits are compulsory foreign language courses; 32 are professional compulsory courses, 42 credits are professional elective courses;

(2) Total class hours: 2748 class hours;

(3) Total weeks of teaching: 127 weeks;

(4) Graduation thesis: 7 weeks, 4 credits;

(5) Graduation thesis schedule: from the end of semester 7 to the end of May of semester 8.

Undergraduates majoring in Internet and New Media are required to take professional (cross-major) elective courses with more than 42 credits.The specialty construction of the school is characterized by cross-cultural communication and international communication research and practice. The undergraduate curriculum system is planned around this specialty characteristic construction.

Students should arrange and combine professional elective modules independently under the guidance of teachers in accordance with the requirements of this training plan.

The elective courses of network and new media major are integrated within the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences to realize the integrated education of network and new media major courses and other humanities and social sciences subjects. Students can choose cross-major courses according to their academic interests and knowledge needs under the guidance of teachers.

6. Requirements for graduation:

Students who have been formally admitted to the universityand have obtained corresponding credits, completed professional practice, and on schedule to attend the graduation thesis or other form of graduation works, tested and approved by the department on comprehensive appraisal to the students in our school graduation requirements, are allowed to graduate.