MA in Particular Subjects of Chinese History


MA in Particular Subjects of Chinese History

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1. Objective

This program aims to cultivate high-level, complex teaching and research talents in history and humanities and arts with complete professional and theoretical knowledge. Degree recipients should have a comprehensive and solid knowledge and theoretical background in certain specialized fields of Chinese history, master the general theory and methods of historical research, have a certain degree of domestic and international academic vision, and be capable of teaching and research in history and humanities and arts, as well as work related to foreign exchanges.


2. Duration

The duration of study for full-time master's degree candidates is generally 3 years, including 2 years for course study and 1 year for dissertation writing.


3. Credit requirements and distribution

1. This program adopts a credit system, and 33 credits of courses must be completed before the dissertation can be started.

2. The total number of credits for Chinese master's degree students must not be less than 40, including 33 credits for courses and 7 credits for non-courses; the total number of credits for foreign master's degree students or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan master's degree students must not be less than 36, including 33 credits for courses and 3 credits for non-courses, in order to obtain the diploma and master's degree.

In addition, for students who are not majoring in history at the undergraduate level, important basic courses for undergraduates are especially opened as remedial courses, and instructors can designate the remedial courses that students must complete according to their actual situation and research direction to help them lay a good foundation for research.


4. Curriculum Settings

The curriculum of this major is divided into three types of courses: public courses, professional basic courses and professional direction courses, and relevant elective courses. The public courses are mainly foreign languages, which mainly cultivate students' communicative ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The professional basic courses and professional directory courses are designed to integrate the training objectives of the major and enable students to systematically study the basic knowledge of specialized history, the history of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, the modern transformation of Chinese thought and scholarship, and the history of Chinese culture (the history of calligraphy and seal carving), and to cultivate students' academic research ability.


5. Training Method

Based on the training program and curriculum of specialized history, combining theory and practice, academic and application, and cultivating high-level and complex teaching and research talents in history and humanities and arts.

1. The supervisor system is adopted, and the supervisor of master candidates should generally be a professor or associate professor.

2. Under the guidance of the supervisor, students should read the basic primary literature of the major, master the research trends and important writings in the professional field, and conduct special books, research and Dissertation writing training.

3. Before the commencement of the Dissertation, no less than one academic paper in the strict sense should be completed and submitted to the supervisor for supervisory credit.


6. Assessment and Degree Awarding  

1. Professional assessment: the credits required for graduation are completed during the study period, and the course grades are recorded in percentages.

2. Dissertation: Teachers and students interact and discuss to determine the topic of academic dissertation, students research and write independently, and organize the form of opening report and dissertation defense to ensure the quality of the dissertation.

3. Degree awarding: Those who have completed the required credits, finished the dissertation and passed the defense can be awarded the master's degree in Particular Subjects of Chinese History.