MA in Chinese Language Literature


MA in Chinese Language Literature 

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1. Objective

  Degree candidates must adhere to the all-round development of morality, intellect, physique and aesthetics. The requirements are as follows: to study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics; to have firm confidence in the road, theory, system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and to establish the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics; to master solid basic theory and systematic expertise in the discipline, and to master a foreign language proficiently; to have the ability to engage in scientific research, teaching work or to independently They should have the ability to engage in scientific research, teaching or independent technical work.


2. Duration

  The duration of study for master's students is 3 years. The maximum duration of study in school shall not exceed 6 years (including suspension and retention).


3. Training Method

  The cultivation method of master's degree students adopts a combination of theoretical study and scientific research and social practice; in the guidance method, it adopts a combination of supervisor's responsibility and collective cultivation of the supervising group.

  After entering the university, the supervisor will fill out the Cultivation Plan for Master's Degree Candidates in Beijing Language and Culture University. The cultivation plan should be specified according to the requirements of the cultivation program and combined with the personal characteristics of the master's students.


4. Credit Requirement

  Master's degree candidates in China should take at least 30 credits, including at least 7 credits of compulsory courses and 23 credits of elective courses; Master's degree students studying in China should take at least 30 credits, including at least 2 credits of compulsory courses and at least 25 credits of elective courses.


5. Dissertation Writing and Defense

  Dissertation work is an important part of candidates cultivation, which is a comprehensive training for postgraduates to conduct scientific research or undertake professional work, and an important link to cultivate postgraduates' ability of innovation, comprehensive application of learned knowledge to discover problems, analyze problems and solve problems.

  After completing the cultivation program of the major, the prescribed courses and the dissertation writing, the master's degree students can apply to the supervisor for the defense of the dissertation. After receiving the application, the supervisor shall review the study of each course specified in the cultivation plan of the graduate student as soon as possible and write a detailed academic evaluation and ideological and moral appraisal. The student and the supervisor shall fill out the Application Form for Master's Degree Defense of Beijing Language and        Culture University and submit it to the training unit. The cultivation unit will arrange anonymous pre-review of the dissertation after the qualification examination of the dissertation submitted for defense. After the pre-review is approved, the sub-committee of degree evaluation will appoint a dissertation reviewer for the applicant and organize the dissertation defense committee. Those who fail to pass the pre-review will be disqualified from the defense and be treated as postponed.

  The dissertation review and defense are carried out in accordance with the Implementation Rules of Degree Conferral Work of Beijing Language and Culture University. If the dissertation defense is not passed, a certificate of completion will be issued. If more than half of the members of the dissertation defense committee pass the dissertation defense and make a resolution, the dissertation can be revised and reapplied for defense within one year, and if the dissertation defense is passed again, a degree certificate can be issued and a certificate of completion can be exchanged for a graduation certificate.

  If the dissertation is not approved by the defense committee, no individual has the right to agree to revise the dissertation and re-defend it.