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  1. Policies on the study visa in China during the pandemic

At present, Chinese embassies and consulates in most countries have not yet processed study visas (category X). For specific questionssuch as whether you can apply for a study visa in China and when to resume the application for a study visa in China, please consult the Chinese embassy (consulate) in your country for the latest visa policy.

Students who cannot obtain a study visa for the time being should attend classes online. During the pandemic period, our university comprehensively carried out online teaching by way of the most advanced teaching means and modes to ensure that students can complete their studies on time and obtain transcripts with credits and completion certificates.

  1. Quarantine measures for people entering China:

Students who have already obtained study visas and plan to study in China should pay attention to the following COVID-19 travel restrictions:

  1. Initial quarantine at designated facilities: 

According to the current COVID-19 travel restrictions in Beijing, international students must be quarantined at designated facilities in the city of first entry after arriving in China.

Those who enter China via Beijing shall undergo a 7-day quarantine at designated facilities first. After the initial quarantine is completed, one can choose to undergo another 7-day quarantine on-campus or at residence off-campus. Should one choose to quarantine off-campus, the person must strictly abide by the quarantine restrictions of the community they live in. Only after the quarantine ends and the COVID-19 nucleic acid test and antigen test results both show negative should one resume outdoor activities.

People bound for destinations other than Beijing must complete a 7-day quarantine at local designated facilities before entering Beijing. The following are situation-specific prevention and control requirements.

If you come from an area NOT deemed medium and high-risk area, you can enter Beijing with proof of completion of quarantine, negative test results of COVID-19 nucleic acid test and antigen test within 48 hours.

If you come from a medium and high-risk area, you can come to Beijing ONLY AFTER it changes to a low-risk area, with proof of completion of quarantine, negative test results of COVID-19 nucleic acid test, and antigen test within 48 hours.

All expenses incurred during the above quarantine period and the costs of travel between cities shall be borne by the students themselves.

  1. On-campus quarantine

Students who want to live on-campus are required to complete a 3-day quarantine in designated dormitories first. Once the quarantine period passes and COVID-19 nucleic acid test and antigen test results are negative may the students freely do activities on-campus. BLCU is still under quarantine lockdown and students are not allowed to enter or leave the campus except for special circumstances subject to the approval of the university authorities, such as off-site medical examination or treatment.

During on-campus quarantine period, students will be arrangeed into single rooms respectively. Set meals will be provided by the Food and Beverage Department of the university, and the expenses will be borne by the students themselves.

  1. Documents required for campus entrance

  1. For students who have arrived in China and completed quarantine, they are

required to provide following materials when applying to enter campus:

 ①Negative results of COVID-19 nucleic acid test and antigen test in Beijing within 48 hours

 ②Certificate of completion of quarantine

 ③Original copy of the letter of acceptance

 ④Original copy of their passport

 ⑤Show the valid green “Beijing Health Code” on your smart phone and scan the code of the university to enter. (Please refer to the following link on how to register for “Health Kit”).

 ⑥Show the valid green “Travel History Code” on the mobile phone (available by scanning the code below with WeChat)

  1. When students living outside the university apply for on-campus accommodation

They must ensure that their residence community is not a medium and high-risk area, they have not been exposed to confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 in the past 14 days and have not been to a medium and high-risk area;

When coming to the university, the students and their residence members must be in good health without following 11 kinds of symptoms: fever, dry cough, fatigue, expectoration, sore throat, diarrhea, abnormal taste, abnormal smell, nasal congestion, conjunctivitis, myalgia.

Upon arriving at campus, the following materials are required:

 ①The negative test result of COVID-19 nucleic acid test in Beijing within 48 hours

 ②Original copy of the letter of acceptance

 ③Original copy of the passport

 ④Show the valid green code of “Health Kit” and scan the university code

 ⑤Show the valid green Travel History Code

Students with a travel history in and out of Beijing in the past 14 days must take the COVID-19 nucleic acid test three times. The specific schedule is as follows:

the first test is upon arriving in Beijing immediately;

the second test is between 24 hours and 72 hours after their arrival;

the third test is between 4 and 7 days after their arrival, which should be taken at least 72 hours apart with the second test.

  1. Offline registration

International students who have arrived in China must register in person at BLCU on time. If the registration time coincides with the quarantine period, you can contact us to register online temporarily and start learning online courses first; should the quarantine end, you must come to the university as soon as possible to complete the offline registration procedures.

Without special reasons approved by the university in advance, should a student fail to register on time after entering China, or do not leave the country/BLCU after the due date of departure, BLCU will report to the Exit-Entry Administration Department according to the relevant regulations and your study visa will be shortened or canceled.

If the student fails to enter China due to visa or other issues, the student can choose to enroll in online courses or refund the tuition and accommodation fees paid in advance. The commission fee shall be borne by students.

  1. Teaching methods during the pandemic

Affected by the pandemic situation and prevention requirements, the teaching methods of in-person courses at our university may change at any time.

All our courses are currently offered online. BLCU will offer courses in hybrid mode (both online and in-person at the same time) once COVID restrictions ease.

  1. Online insurance payment instruction for international students

In compliance with the regulations of the Chinese government, international students studying in China must obtain the Comprehensive Medical Insurance Plan of Foreign Students in China before enrollment. Those who do not participate in comprehensive medical insurance will not be allowed to do the registration. After receiving the letter of acceptance and obtaining the study visa, the student can purchase the insurance plan online through one of the following methods. It is recommended to make the purchase one day before traveling to China to ensure the insurance will take effect when the student arrives.

See attachment 1 below for the guide on the purchase of insurance

 ①Purchase on PC

Go to ( → Enter your passport number and verification code → Choose an insurance package and click to purchase → Select the payment method → Complete the payment and send the purchase receipt to your email.

 ②Purchase on Smartphone

Scan the “Lianhua International” QR code → Enter your passport number and verification code → Click “Buy Insurance.” Screenshot and save your receipt.