Chinese Language(Chinese-English Bilingual Direction)


2024 Edition

I. Teaching Type: Undergraduate

II. Affiliated Department: College of Sinology and Chinese Studies, BLCU

III. Years of Study: 4 years

IV. Teaching Object:

The teaching targets of this major are international students or overseas Chinese who have graduated from overseas high school (inclusive) or above and whose mother tongue is not Chinese.

V. Training Objectives:

We will train bilingual talents who meet the needs of the development of the modern international community and have good comprehensive qualities. After the completion of the study, the learners will have a systematic knowledge of Chinese and English, have a high level of language communication skills, can engage in secretarial, translation, trade with China and cultural exchanges with foreign countries with Chinese and English proficiency, and ability to continue their studies.

VI. Main Practice and Time Arrangement:

Language Practice (In-Beijing, Short-distance Language Practice+Professional Long-distance Language Practice), Social Survey, Dissertation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training, etc. Including 2 credits for Professional Long-distance Language Practice and 8 credits for Dissertation (Graduation Design).

VII. Graduation Requirements:

The students who have passed the examination/assessments of the course studied and obtained credits stipulated in the teaching plan are permitted to graduate and are awarded the graduation certificate.

VIII. Award of Certificate and Degree:

Bachelor of Arts degree will be awarded to those who pass the dissertation defense with 8 credits.

IX. Credits and Weekly Course Hours

Semester I

Semester II

Academic Year Credits

Freshman Year




Sophomore Year




Junior Year




Senior Year




Total Credits of the Course


X. Curriculum Setting

Compulsory Course

Freshman Year: Primary Comprehensive Chinese, Primary Chinese Listening, Primary Chinese Speaking, Primary Chinese Reading, Primary Chinese Writing, Primary English Comprehensive

Sophomore Year: Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese, Intermediate Chinese Listening, Intermediate Chinese Speaking, Intermediate Chinese Reading, Intermediate English Comprehensive, Intermediate English Listening and Speaking

Junior Year: Advanced Comprehensive Chinese, Advanced English Comprehensive, Advanced English Reading and Writing, English-Chinese Translation Skills

Senior Year: Advanced Comprehensive Chinese, Advanced English Comprehensive, English-Chinese Translation Practice, English-Chinese Interpretation Practice, Paper Writing Guidance

Elective Course

Human Geography of China, Foundation of Chinese Culture, China's National Conditions, Discussion on Cultural Topics, Chinese Writing, Business and Trade Chinese, Fundamentals of News Language, Chinese Folk Custom, Chinese History, English-Chinese Translation Foundation, Korean-Chinese Translation Foundation, HSK Tutoring, etc.

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