1. Purpose
    Support foreign students to pursue full-time Ph.D. degrees in the humanities and social sciences at Chinese universities.  Normally from three to four years.

2. Eligibility

    • Non-Chinese citizen;
    • HSK test score level 5 is required, and priority is given to applicants with higher level of proficiency in Chinese under same conditions;
    • Priority is given to students studying at Confucius Institutes (CI) or from CI host universities;
    • Applicants who are currently participating in Chinese Government Scholarship are not eligible to apply for this Plan.

3. Application materials

    • Recognized transcripts of undergraduate and graduate studies, diplomas and copies of all the documents above in Chinese;
    • HSK transcript;
    • Abstract of master’s thesis and other academic publications;
    • A doctoral research statement;
    • Two letters of recommendation from scholars in related field;
    • Priority is given to applicants who obtain a letter of recommendation from Confucius Institutes.

4. How to apply

    Applicants shall fill in the application form, sign it before scanning it and sending it to ccsp@hanban.org, and then post the application forms and other supporting documents required (both Chinese and English versions) in one packet to the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

5. Assessment Process

    Applicants will have a correspondence review from the expert panel of the Confucius China Studies Program, followed by an interview.

6. Funding

    • Lodging and living stipend: 80,000 RMB per year;
    • Research fund: 20,000 RMB per year (to be reimbursed against actual cost);
    • One round-trip international airfare (economy class, to be reimbursed against actual cost) per year;
    • Tuition fees;
    • Other support provided by the host Chinese university;
    • Expenses for life and medical insurances in China;
    • Group activities and cultural experience.

7. Schedule

    • Correspondence review by experts in February;
    • Interview within 1 month after correspondence review;
    • Announcement of final results within 1 month after interview;
    • Enrolment in September every year.