Dormitory No.4

About 18 square meters/room,  room service provided, indoor wash-room.

Price: 75 RMB/bed/day (twin room), 145 RMB/bed/day (single room);

From September 1st, 2024, the accommodation fee standard will be adjusted and the new price is as follows:

          90 RMB/bed/day twin room (small), 

          100 RMB/bed/day twin room (standard),

          110 RMB/bed/day twin room (big),

          90 RMB/bed/day 4-beds room (two twin room),

          190 RMB/bed/day (single room)

Main facilities: television, air-conditioner, refrigerator, telephone, Internet, wall-closet, desk, chair, bed, bedding, public kitchen, etc.