International Cooperation and Global Vision  

As an internationalized and renowned university, BLCU has built cooperative ties with universities and educational institutions in over 75 countries and regions in the world, forming a comprehensive and effective international network for educational partnership. The university has named over 100 well-known foreign scholars as its professors emeritus and visiting professors. Over the years, more than 100 foreign scholars have come to BLCU annually for working and academic lecturing on a short-term basis and over 70 foreign professors on long-term contracts. In addition, BLCU also lays great emphasis on cultivating talents through international co-operation. Its student exchange programs send an average of 400 students annually to study in overseas partner universities.

BLCU is running 16 Confucius Institutes, many of which, thanks to their good reputation and high recognition by the local educational institutions and Confucius Institute Headquarters, have been crowned the title “Excellent Confucius Institute” and many faculty members there awarded as “Excellent Staff of the Year”.

Over the past five decades, BLCU has over 1,000 Chinese language teachers working in oversea universities and educational institutions. These teachers have demonstrated to the world their expertise, professionalism and dedication to the cause of Chinese language teaching, having overcome tremendous difficulties and worked industriously to fulfill their commitment to the promotion of Chinese language and culture wherever they are, underdeveloped or developed countries and regions. They, as ordinary people, have made extraordinary contribution to the cause of promoting Chinese language and culture, and their deeds will surely be remembered by the local people.