The school actively encourages students to participate in “Chinese Bridge” and other language competitions, earning new honors year after year and training celebrity students well-known throughout China.

Taking Chinese learning and cultural experience together, the school lets students taste Chinese tea, calligraphy, painting, paper cutting, T’aichi and other wide-ranging cultural arts.

The school organizes study tours to various provinces and cities so that students can get out of the classroom and interact with Chinese society, understand the history, culture and local customs of each place, and personally experience the development of modern China.

BLCU provides overseas travel opportunities during summer and winter vacations. Students can do research work at famous universities in England, the US, Japan, Korea etc. Apart from regular educational activities, students can also participate in a wide variety of cultural activities, gaining a deep understanding of exotic customs.

The school cooperates with television stations, print media, international conferences, primary schools, etc to provide internship opportunities in education, IT, new media, program hosting, translation, editing, clerical work, tourism or anything related to the student’s major.

The school has established a specialized online platform for disseminating job postings and  a job applicant guidance center to provide professional assistance towards foreign students interested in working in China.