Guide to Online Chinese Preparatory Course


I. Introduction of the School of Preparatory Education

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is a university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. BLCU is known as the Mini-United Nations, it is the only university of its kind in China that specializes in offering Chinese language and culture courses to foreign students.

Preparatory education in Beijing Language and Culture University enjoys a long history with very outstanding academic achievements. Over the past 60 years, tens of thousands of international students, with solid Chinese language skills, strong adaptability in professional learning and high-level intercultural communication competence, have graduated from our university and sought their further study in renowned national colleges and universities such as Beijing University, Tsinghua Univeristy, Renmin University of China and Nanjing University.

The School of Preparatory Education was founded with integrated resources of high quality, which became the first one among Chinese universities exclusively offering preparatory curricula for international students in China, aiming at consolidating relevant education as well as providing effective service.


II. Study Goal

Through one academic year of preparatory education, students will achieve the basic standards for entering the professional level of higher education in China in terms of knowledge and ability of Chinese language, relevant professional knowledge and intercultural communication skills: to have certain Chinese language and intercultural communication skills, to have a preliminary understanding of Chinese culture and society, to have the ability to use Chinese language knowledge and ability to solve basic problems in daily life, to master the basic vocabulary and common expressions of professional Chinese as stipulated in the syllabus of the preparatory course. The students will be able to master the professional vocabulary and common expressions of professional Chinese as stipulated in the syllabus; they will have certain basic knowledge of professional subjects and master the knowledge of related basic subjects required for professional study; they will have good study habits; and they will pass the final examination of the preparatory course.

 III.Course Features

1. The curriculum is rich and targeted to meet the needs of students who want to improve their Chinese language skills quickly in a short period of time and meet the admission standards for professional studies.

2. Combining the latest international Chinese education Chinese level standards to set the curriculum and develop teaching materials.

3. The intensive teaching mode combines small class teaching and “1-to-1” personalized tutoring to develop students’ language skills, cross-cultural communication skills and professional learning adaptability in a comprehensive manner.

4. The teaching hours are sufficient, averaging 30 hours per week.

5. Distance learning, no need to pay for visa, transportation, accommodation, medical insurance, etc.

6. The classes are held on a regular basis, so there is no need to worry about time difference.

7. Recorded lessons are valid for a long time and can be watched repeatedly.

8. High-quality online course resources sharing, convenient for self-study after class.

9. Customized course service for group learners.

10. A variety of online language practice and cultural experience activities.

11. university application, entrance examination and interview guidance.

12. flexible study period, you can apply for a break in the middle of the course and retain your academic status.


IV. Advantages of the College

1. Reputation guarantee: Our college is designated by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) of the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Center for Language Education and Cooperation (formerly Confucius Institute Headquarters/China Hanban) as the training unit for matriculation students, with authoritative teaching qualification and quality guarantee.

2. Teaching guarantee: Our institute has a long history of preparatory education, a strong professional faculty, and fruitful research results of preparatory education and textbook writing.

3. Achievement guarantee: The college is responsible for guiding the examination registration and providing efficient test-taking skills training, and the students' passing rate of HSK examination has been maintained at a high level during their study.

4. Convenience of further study: Students with outstanding academic performance and outstanding performance during their study in our college can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship,International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship,BLCU International Students Scholarship when they apply for entering the corresponding undergraduate majors of Beijing Language and Culture University. Among them, those who take the unified final examination of Chinese Government Scholarship students and pass the examination can have the opportunity to apply for exemption from the preparatory course and enter the major directly.



V. Course Setting and Credit Hours

The curriculum is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, and various levels, so students can choose the appropriate course to study according to their Chinese level.

There are about 30 hours per week, 18 teaching weeks per semester, 1080 hours per year.

The course curriculum for zero-start learners, for example, is as follows:


Course Category

Curriculum and Learning   Objectives

Foundation Chinese Course

Preliminary Elementary Chinese   Comprehensive (I, II),

Preliminary Elementary Chinese Listening   (I, II),

Preliminary Elementary Chinese Reading and   Writing (I, II)

Preliminary Elementary Chinese Reading and   Writing (I, II),

Practical Situational Communication (I, II)

Chinese Pronunciation, Chinese Grammar,   Chinese Vocabulary

GoalThrough the study of basic   Chinese language knowledge in the preparatory course, students will acquire   the ability to use Chinese as well as the ability to communicate across cultures.

Preparatory Professional Chinese Course

Liberal Arts: Professional Chinese Comprehensive I, Professional Chinese Listening   I, Professional Chinese Reading and Writing I.

Economic and Trade: Economic and Trade Chinese Comprehensive I, Economic and Trade   Chinese General Reading I, Preliminary Mathematics I

Goal:  To have   professional learning ability through the learning of professional basic   knowledge and vocabulary.

HSK Test-taking Training Course

HSK test-taking skills (Level 3, Level 4,   Level 5),

HSK vocabulary (Level 3, Level 4, Level 5),   

HSK sub-training (Level 3, Level 4, Level   5),

HSK practical (Level 3, Level 4, Level 5)

Goal: To master HSK question answering methods and techniques, and to   improve test scores and grades through intensive training.

University Entrance Test Guide

Overview of China, Introduction to Chinese   colleges and universities. Application process and skills for top schools,   guidance on academic development.

Learn about the overview of the schools you   are applying to and the content of the entrance exams, and receive relevant   training and guidance to improve the success rate of your application.


VI. Application Requirements

1. High school education or above, age above 15 years old, and in good health.

2. Interested in learning Chinese or have the desire to study in Chinese universities.


VII. Academic Semester Setting and Application Deadline

The course is one academic year, divided into two semesters, with enrollment in spring and fall each year. For group learners, the time can be negotiated.

Application Deadline:

Fall semester: April 1 to July 30 (until capacity is filled)

Spring semester: October 1 to January 15 of the following year (until capacity is filled)

For group learners, registration is available at any time.

Study Duration

(Beijing time: Monday-Friday)

Tuition  (RMB)

Deadline of


Feb.27, 2023 – Mid of Jan, 2024  (8:00-12:00)


Jan.15, 2023

Feb.27, 2023 – Mid of Jan, 2024 (16:00-20:00)

Sep.04, 2023 – Mid of Jul, 2024 (8:00-12:00)


Jul.30, 2023

Sep.04, 2023 – Mid of Jul, 2024 (16:00-20:00)


VIII. Platforms and Software

Download   at

Download   at

Download at


IX.  Application Procedures

1.Submit the application

Application System for Online Courses:


2. Placement test

Please click the “Placement Test” button to take the online placement test. After clicking “Submit”, the system will display your Chinese proficiency level according to your test results and push the corresponding demo class and the QR Code of your WeChat group.


3. The tuition and application fees payment

(1) Online courses application fee: 300 RMB per person. (Students who re-apply within one year of the end of the course are exempt from the application fee.)

(2)Tuition and application fees are recommended to be paid online by the online course application system.If it is not convenient to pay online, you can also choose bank telegraphic transfer. Please refer to the “Pay Tuition” page for details of the telegraphic transfer address.


4. Take class

The course will be provided on the basis of at least 16 students in one class. You can change the class level within one week after the class starts.


5. Award certificate

According to the study duration and final test results, BLCU will provide students with a Course Learning Certificate and transcripts for short-term Chinese courses.


X. Review, Acceptance and Notification

1. The school will evaluate the applicantsapplication materials and accept them on the basis of merit.

2. Acceptance and notification: The school will inform the students of the acceptance results via email within two weeks of submitting their applications.


XI. Check-in and Registration

1. Accepted students must report and register online strictly in accordance with the time specified in the Admission Letter.

2. The date of registration is based on the Admission Letter.


XII. Notes

1. Online teaching is not limited to any region, but we cannot resolve visa issues for you.

2. All courses are available only with more than 16 students in a class.

3. Beginner’s level classes may not open during the semester period. Please DO NOT pay tuition and application fees before the placement test and confirming your class with teacher.

4. No classes on holidays.

5. Textbooks for all courses are included in the tuition.


XIII. Contact

The School of Preparatory Education





International Admissions Office

Tel: 0086-10-82303951/82303086/82303088

Fax: 0086-10-82303087


Websites: (Study in BLCU) (BLCU)


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