MA in International Politics (International Economics; instruction language English) 

The MA in International Politics (International Economics) program trains students to analyze business and financial matters on a global level. Through lecture and hands-on training, students receive and learn international economics, international investment and finance, international trade policy, practice of international business, multinational financial management, international marketing, international business of China, and economic forecasting.

Awarded Degree: Master of Laws
Attendance & duration
Full-time: 2 years

Entry requirements

At least a bachelor degree, in economics or other related.

English Skills: TOELF 90, IELTS 6.0 or above

Course Start Date: Every September

Graduation Assessment

A variety of assessment methods are used including traditional unseen examinations, essays, written reports, in-class tests and case study presentations.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation students with a good command of economic theories and knowledge can find jobs in multinational corporations, banks and other financial institutions, engaging in the work related to theory and practice and offering advice for government policy makers, national and international financial institutions.
We will support you to get the internship if you can get the excellent academic record.

Course Structure

First Year

1st Semester
Microeconomics (Compulsory)                                                                      2  credits
International Economics(Theory of International Trade) (Compulsory)         2  credits
Research Methods (Compulsory)                                                                  2  credits
International Business Law (Designate)                                                        2  credits

2nd Semester
Macroeconomics (Compulsory)                                                                     2  credits
International Economics(Theory of International Finance) (Compulsory)      2  credits  
Multinational Financial Management (Designate)                                          2  credits
Practice of International Business  (Compulsory)                                          2  credits

Second Year

3rd Semester
International Business Strategy  (Compulsory)                                              2  credits
Global Financial Market (Compulsory)                                                           2  credits
International Marketing (Designate)                                                               2  credits
International Business of China(Designate)                                                   2  credits

4th Semester
Elective Course                                                                                              6  credits

Total Required Credits:                                                                                 30 credits