“Chinese Bridge” is a Chinese competition hosted by the Confucius Institute, and has already become an important platform for college students of all countries to learn Chinese and understand China. It is a bridge connecting the hearts and minds ofyouth around the world withChinese youth.

The competition includes language competency, knowledge of China, Chinese cultural skills, and comprehensive aptitude. Participants first compete in a local preliminary competition and that winners are invited to semi-final and final contests in China. The champion is awarded a scholarship to study in China. Aside from the actual competition, participants get to take part in various themed cultural activities.

BLCU encourages its foreign students to participate in “Chinese Bridge” by organizing special training to improve candidate competitive abilities. BLCU proudly won honors with now famous students: Tchiegue Francois (Cameroon), Pouya Azadeh (Iran), Gregory James Bryant (US), Greg Scott Mccarthy (USA), Makoto Hachiya (Japan), Hoda Alaa Eldin Hass. A. K. (Egypt), David Klolsov (Russia), Bekhruz Mirzoev (Tajikistan), Pichai Kaewbut (Thailand), Batsanaa Ganbat (Mongolia).

In the first Chinese Bridge competition, Iranian student Pouya Azadeh won second. In the 2nd competition, American Gregory James Bryant came fourth. In the 3rd, Japanese Makoto Hachiya was champion. In the 4th “Chinese Star” competition, Thai student Pichai Kaewbut won the title of “Top Ten Chinese Stars” and Mongolian Batsanaa Ganbat the prize for best performance. In the fifth Chinese Bridge, Tajik Bekhruz Mirzoev came fifth. In the sixth annual competition, Egyptian Hoda Alaa Eldin Hass. A. K. won third. And so on…

Come to BLCU and the next star might be you!

The 3rd Chinese Bridge CompetitionThe First Chinese Bridge Competition

The 6th Chinese Bridge CompetitionThe 6th Chinese Bridge Competition
The 5th Chinese Bridge CompetitionAmerican Student Gregory James Bryant
Egyptian Student Hoda Alaa Eldin Hass. A. K.Mongolian Student Batsanaa Ganbat
American Student Greg Scott MccarthyJapanese Student Satushi Nishida
Japanese Student Hachiya Makoto winning the 3rd Chinese BridgeIranian Student Pouya Azadeh winning the first Chinese Bridge