Chinese Star is a competition hosted by the Beijing Municipal Education Committee, successfully held five times since 2009. Chinese Star was attracted nearly 3000 foreign students from countries all over the world, and is a priceless platform for foreign students in Beijing to improve their Chinese level, display their talents and spread Chinese culture.

BLCU encourages its foreign students to participate in “Chinese Star” by organizing special training teams to improve candidate’s competitive abilities. Year after year, BLCU wins honors as its students are awarded title of Chinese Star. As of today, more than ten students have won. In the 4th Beijing Foreign Student “Chinese Star” competition, Thai student Pichai Kaewbut won the title of “Top Ten Chinese Stars” and Mongolian Batsanaa Ganbat the prize for best performance. In the 2nd “Global Chinese Talent Contest” American student Greg Scott Mccarthy won champion, 2012 Beijing University Debate Contest, Russian student David Klolsov was crowned champion, and BLCU’s debate team is the defending champion for four years running.

Come to BLCU and the next star might be you!