Advanced Chinese: Compulsory course for Advanced Chinese; It focuses on further improving our students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It can not only expand our students’ vocabulary, but also elevate their ability to analyse and use the words properly, accelerate their reading speed, improve their accurate comprehension and communication ability so as to let our students master and utilize Chinese fluently and flexibly and have a better understanding of the wonderful Chinese language.

Advanced Spoken Chinese: Optional course for Advanced Chinese; It is a high-level communicative competence training course which proposes to improve the students’ proficiency, accuracy and appropriateness in their oral expressions so that they can master some Chinese language in professional fields, e.g. negotiation, public relationship and translation and meet the need for their future career.

Journalistic Reading: Optional reading skill training course for Advanced Chinese. It develops students’ capability in reading Chinese newspapers and general journals and enables them to have the ability of skimming, scanning, guessing, generalizing and refining the outline of the passage and picking up the major information.

Ancient Chinese: Optional reading skill training course for Advanced Chinese. It aims at improve our students’ capability in ancient Chinese reading, vocabulary expansion and understanding of some simple ancient Chinese works with the help of notes and dictionaries.

Business Case Analysis: Optional course for Advanced Chinese. This course will introduce 15 typical business cases involving corporate strategy, marketing management, organizational management, production management, human resources management and corporate culture management to our students and request them to make their own analysis and have discussions on the basis of mastering some relating language expressions and understanding the main idea of the business case.

Advanced Chinese in Trade and Economy: Optional course for Advanced Chinese; It covers the knowledge in traditional insurance, catering, retailing, agriculture, consumer, e-commerce, and cultural industries. While training our students with the high-level language skills, it also provides our students with the knowledge and circumstances of China’s contemporary trade and economy by paying attention to the analysis on the words, the accuracy and appropriateness on the sentences and training on the passage expression and writing.

Listening to Chinese Live: Optional listening skill training course for Advanced Chinese; this course selects the real situational material, such as conversations and interviews in radio, television, and other various communication activities and also dialogues and speeches with a slight dialect or fast speed to practise our students’ listening skills which is beneficial for their HSK (advanced) live hearing examinations.

News Listening: Optional listening skill training courses for Advanced Chinese which targets at elevating students’ ability of listening to the Chinese radio and understanding the TV news.

Popular Topics: Optional reading and oral expression skill training course for Advanced Chinese. This course will help our students improve their fast reading and oral expression skills, understand the main idea of the passage, screen the important information rapidly, practise evaluation skills, and use the relating words and expressions to make informative, logical and fluent passages.

Chinese writing: Optional writing skill training course for Advanced Chinese. Through the study of this course, students will have a better understanding of writing elements and structural features in biographies, news, newsletters, surveys, travels, expository, stories, essays, book reviews, speeches, literary criticism, contracts and other different styles. In this process, students will expand their vocabulary and have a better knowledge of written Chinese characteristics, Chinese words, grammar structure and connecting methods for discourses and passages so as to write different styles of long articles in accordance with Chinese expression habits. And in the meantime improve their writing skills.

Translation: Optional translation skill training course for Advanced Chinese. This course offers our students an opportunity to further understand the differences in language structure and expressing methods through the comparison of two languages and culture, which lets our students master and use Chinese in a higher level both in translation and interpretation.

Chinese Rhetoric: Optional course for Advanced Chinese. This course systematically and comprehensively introduces the basic knowledge of Chinese Rhetoric and provides methods and theoretical basis for the article written. It not only helps the students properly use the words and grammar to express their own feelings with fewer mistakes but also helps the students improve their writing and reading abilities, especially the newspaper reading ability through systematic teaching of choosing and refining of words and sentences and basic rhetoric, that further improve our students’ accuracy of language in writing and meet the need in different communicative fields.

Chinese Sayings: Optional course for Advanced Chinese. This course mainly introduces the meaning and utilization of some Chinese idioms, especially the four-character idioms. It also includes some sayings, idioms and a few twisters. Through various forms and classification of teaching methods, this course will let our students understand and master the meaning and basic usage of about 700 idioms.

Chinese National Conditions(Economic):Optional course for Advanced Chinese; this course will introduce China’s Land and Resources, population and ethnic groups, economy, industry, agriculture, the tertiary industry, finance and insurance, environmental protection and people's lives to our students. Through the study of this course, students will have a better knowledge of China’s natural resources and economy, have their vocabulary expanded, especially the economic-related vocabularies and improve their reading speed and oral expression so that they can use their knowledge to have a more in-depth discussion of some relevant issues.

Chinese National Conditions(Social): Optional course for Advanced Chinese; this course focuses on introducing our students  China's land and resources, history, political system, national defense and foreign affairs. After this, students will know more about the Chinese society and politics, especially the accumulation of social vocabulary, which is beneficial for them to accelerate their reading speed, improve their reading comprehension and develop their oral expressions so that they can use their knowledge to have a more in-depth discussion of some relevant issues.

Chinese Custom: Optional course for Advanced Chinese. It gives an introduction of the Chinese tradition and contemporary customs in accordance with knowledge, time and space. It explains the historical and cultural reasons in some customs, e.g. festivals, names, marriages, funerals, food, houses and clothes for our students so as to increase their understanding of Chinese customs, stimulate their interests in Chinese culture and understanding of the Chinese people's thinking methods as well as improving their Chinese expression capability.

Appreciation of Chinese Modern and Contemporary literary works: Optional course for Advanced Chinese. Through the reading and appreciation of the Chinese contemporary literature, students will have a further understanding of China’s society, culture, custom and tradition; improve their appreciation ability of literature works and their own literature quality in Chinese.

Cultural Exchange: Optional course for Advanced Chinese. Aiming at further discussing the features of Chinese culture from the perspective of cultural exchange and cultural comparison, this course will cover the knowledge of foreign relationships in ancient legends, memories in the Shan Hai Jing, Tribute diagrams and exotic travels, the Silk Road and Buddhism, Tang dynasty, Marco Polo and some relating literature works about travel in the foreign land, the ocean age, China in foreigners’ eyes, overseas migration of Chinese and cultural facilities during the process of reform and modernization. In addition, this course can also set up some new topics based on the student's needs.

Chinese Civilization: Optional course for Advanced Chinese. It not only introduces our students the Chinese history but also the big events and important people as well as the latest achievements in some related areas both in domestics and abroad in the development of China’s civilization and thus presenting topical speeches and explanations of the highlights of Chinese civilization from the perspectives of the political, the material and the spiritual civilization.