Your ancestral memory reaches across both time and language; discover your cultural roots and connect China with the world.   Overseas Chinese youth are the hope and future of Chinese society. Learning about Chinese language and culture is a spiritual need for many overseas Chinese young people. By crossing the linguistic bridge you can retrace the paths of your forefathers, gain appreciation of the profundity of Chinese culture, and experience the vitality of contemporary Chinese society. Understanding your Chinese heritage will give you a strong sense of pride in who you are. Once the cultural glory of Chinese culture becomes part of you and begins to shine, the entire world will treat you with respect!

        Our elite Chinese course for overseas Chinese is specially intended for students with strong speaking and listening skills (intermediate level Chinese) but weaker reading and writing skills. Our curriculum includes reading and writing, as well as speaking and culture courses.


Character Literacy Class: Unique accelerated Chinese character teaching methods that help students develop character recognition quickly; selections include readings from Confucian Analects, San Zi Jing, and other classics including Tang and Song Dynasty poetry, selections from contemporary newspapers and periodicals are also represented. Reading selections are carefully chosen to help students familiarize themselves with important characters and aspects of traditional Chinese culture that will allow them to develop a consciousness and understanding of their heritage.



Speaking Class: This course is tailor-made to help students improve their grasp of Chinese in everyday, business, speech and discussion areas. It covers topics ranging from history to pop-culture, politics to internet slang and allows students to develop practical verbal skills and rich expressiveness.



Culture Class: This combines cultural insight with cultural experience; the art of the tea ceremony leads one to an understanding of the harmony between humanity and nature, as well as the cultivation of the self; the art of Tai-Chi allows one to intuit the notions of Yin-Yang and “balance” in Taoist philosophy; Chinese cuisine lets one experience the shared richness and depth of China’s culinary traditions.



        “Infuse language with culture and use language to experience culture”. Long-distance language-practice outings to famous historical and cultural sites give participants an opportunity to integrate their learning and insights for a deeper experience of the essence and charm of Chinese culture (additional fee).

        All overseas Chinese students who register for the summer 4-week course and the summer 5-week course may join the summer 6-week course. 

          All overseas Chinese students who register for the 12-week course may join the one-semester course.


Class size requirements:

Minimum 16 students per class (classes of less than 16 will be combined with other classes).